Crawley Town Centre

Queen’s Square Improvement Project

Crawley Borough Council and West Sussex County Council are investing £3 million to improve Queens Square. The councils do not own any of the shops but can make improvements to the public areas of the square.


Burns + Nice has been appointed to design the new Queens Square with the aim of making it vibrant and lively and ensuring the area contributes to the overall town centre offer. To help Burns + Nice understand what improvements residents, businesses and visitors want to see, the councils are asking questions about how Queens Square is currently used, how people feel about it and what changes would encourage them to use the area more often.

To send us your ideas, please go to website and complete the online questionnaire. Staff will be also in Queens Square and other parts of the town centre over the next few weeks asking questions so please let us know what you think.

Responses to these questions will inform early designs for the new Queens Square. Once drawn up, we’ll be inviting further comments on various designs.

Following this, there will be another chance to comment when a planning application for the improvements is submitted. The closing date for responses is Friday 1st August.

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