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Email received on the 24th August 2021

Gatwick will announce tomorrow a public consultation to rebuild the emergency runway as a second runway which flies in the face of the climate emergency we all face

Whilst other industries make every effort to reduce carbon output Gatwick Airport’s shareholders seek to add 1 million tonnes of extra carbon a year with a second runway

  • This Wednesday (25th) Gatwick Airport is to announce the public consultation on rebuilding the emergency runway (northern/ standby) as a second runway.
    This does not meet government policy of ‘making best use of current facilities’ as both runways cannot be used in unison currently due to safety issues
  • The announcement flies in the face of the climate emergency we are all facing – whilst we recycle and buy electric cars aviation continues to seek unconditional polluting growth
  • Gatwick is not carbon neutral and must be made to take responsibility for the carbon and greenhouses gases of the aircraft departing and landing at its airport
  • A second runway at Gatwick Airport would add 1MTonnesCO2 on top of Gatwick’s pre Covid flight figures (285,000 aircraft movements a year) plus the planned 40% increase from the main runway that will not be scrutinised.
  • This move can be for one reason only; shareholders seek to sell Gatwick with 2 runways.

“Whilst the children are off school and elected member’s holiday, Gatwick Airport choose a time when the skies are quiet to announce a public consultation that flies in the face of the climate emergency, we are all facing”, said CAGNE, the umbrella aviation community and environmental group for Sussex, Surrey, and Kent. “It is despicable and disingenuous for a company to ignore the emissions that planes in and out of Gatwick Airport produce. This pollution from this airport is causeing grave danger for future generations that will have to pay the price for today’s greed of this leisure airport.”

CAGNE has already instigated a series of educational talks to inform residents of the climate impact of a second runway at Gatwick Airport. The next virtual talk takes place on Thursday 30th September (Time is Ticking – Unmasked! The environmental ramifications of Gatwick Airport second runway – website time is ticking a series of virtual talks)

“Boris Johnson said listen to the science when it came to Covid, elected members will be ignoring the science if they permitted this disastrous if they support this planning application by Gatwick Airport to obtain planning for this second runway,” said CAGNE.

“Climate change is one of the greatest and most pressing threats facing the modern world and yet Gatwick ignore this fact and endeavour to push forward for a second runway. Constraint of this industry must be the answer if we are to save the planet for future generations.”

There is no one alternative fuel to fossil fuel for aviation currently, and yet this move by Gatwick shareholders must be seen as total disregard for the planet and future generations.

Gatwick seek to claim they are carbon neutral as they do not account for aircraft movements. They buy electricity from a supplier called Haven Power, owned by Drax, “renewable electricity” is made from biomass. Environmentalists have warned will create enormous demand for forest and other biomass and come at serious risks for land use, agriculture, and biodiversity in the UK and abroad.

Aviation and Gatwick Airport had been reducing jobs at the airport long before Covid with automation and this continues. Job creation therefore must be in greener and more sustainable sectors if we are to truly retrofit our homes.

It is not just about carbon but also the greenhouse gases and the air particles produced by aviation.

Link to talks website time is ticking a series of virtual talks
Link to Gatwick 2 briefing paper from details known to date which does not include details from Wednesday – website Stop Gatwick Expansion

Can you help hand out leaflets to oppose Gatwick 2 on Saturday 12th September at Slinfold? Contact email

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