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Use vote to raise airport issue
6th November 2019 – Crawley Observer

Letter Page – Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions

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CAGNE calls for residents to make Gatwick expansion plans an election issue, to make those that seek your vote promise to oppose the growth of the main runway and using the emergency runway as a new second runway.

Residents are urged to challenge member of parliament candidates seeking their vote on December 12 to make a promise to stop Gatwick expansion plans as this would bring, in a relatively short time, 390,000 flights a year, compared to 285,000 now a substantial increase in noise that residents endure in Sussex, Surrey and Kent as well as nearly 1m tonnes extra of carbon a year with two runways.

Residents are already enduring the ramification of Gatwick’s growth, as are local authorities budgets in a decline of ability to keep pace with the demands that-come from a large airport operating in their vicinity. It must fall to Gatwick Airport, through policy, that if they wish any further growth they must pay for the infrastructure that is required for the current level of operations plus the demands placed upon affordable housing, healthcare and education due to inward migration of workers.

We can all see clearly that the burden Gatwick presents is not being met by the 106 contributions that it is required to pay to local authorities. Members of Parliament, and local authorities, are entrusted by residents to be their voice, so we must make it very clear during election time that we are not seeking to do deals with the owners of Gatwick, but we are looking for a halt in its growth as it is simply not sustainable.

Over the five years we have been campaigning the tone of residents concerns has changed to now encompass climate change.

This must be a major concern for us all as to allow Gatwick to use the emergency runway as a new second runway would add nearly one million tonnes of extra carbon a year as well as 74m passengers to our roads and railway line that can’t be expanded.

This is an ideal moment for us all to make the Gatwick growth plans a key election issue on the doorsteps and have your candidate agree to stop Gatwick expansion plans as they are not sustainable or wanted.

Sally Pavey
Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions

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