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17th July 2019 – Crawley Observer

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Plan details three runways

The current management of Gatwick Airport purchased the airport some 10 years ago and stated that they would not be looking for expansion.

Shortly after this, management instigated a bid for expansion, building a new runway, competing against Heathrow.

After years of debate Gatwick Airport management lost to Heathrow. Now we are meant to believe the Gatwick management that the MasterPlan, that clearly details three runways, are to be trusted (and) that they will not be going for growth and expansion with all three runways anytime soon.

We understand from our council leaders who attended the ‘secret’ Gatwick and council meeting, that the Gatwick board have agreed to go ahead with its master plan. This was clearly detailed by Gatwick in their glossy brochures as:

  1. Increasing capacity of the main runway using new technology
  2. Bringing the emergency runway into daily use
  3. Safeguarding land for a new runway

By anyone’s calculations this totals three runways, and there is no legal agreement to prevent Gatwick from applying to use all three any time soon!

With one runway there would be an increase of 17 per cent movements; using the emergency runway as a 2nd runway would increase aircraft movements by a further 36 per cent; and safeguarding the land for a 3rd runway would take movements to over 850,000 a year.

Please don’t forget additional flights means additional passengers to our roads; workers inwardly migrating into this area looking for affordable housing, schools, healthcare, and more people on our congested commuter trains on the single railway line that can’t be expanded with or without a new station.

CAGNE Committee

Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions
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