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Gatwick Noise Management
12th June 2019 – Crawley Observer

Letter Page – Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions
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With reference to the news release in the Observer of June 5

We can expect the noise complaints to escalate further this summer and those that are not impacted by aircraft noise now need to wake up to Gatwick’s plans.

For the past three years the Gatwick Noise Management Board (NMB) has focused on arriving aircraft noise at 14nm+ from the airport.

The NMB has failed in its attempts to reduce,mitigate and manage noise according to the complaints CAGNE receives daily echoed by the Gatwick flight performance reports that show increases in complaints outside of Gatwick and the Civil Aviation Authorities figures.

The NMB has not dealt with the noise of those significantly affected by the new motorways of departures (PRNAV) introduced by Gatwick in 2014, apart from one Surrey route that faced a legal challenge from a resident.

The NMB has instigated the targeting of those that have little respite from arriving, and departing, traffic at 8-10nm resulting in arriving traffic dropping wheels and flaps of the aircraft to reduce speed so increasing the noise of the aircraft over those closest to the runway.

And communities now have Gatwick via the modernisation of airspace, Future Airspace Strategy Implementation South (FASIS), stage 2 removing Noise Preferential Routes (NPR) that have safeguarded homes outside of departing flight paths for over 60 years.

Communities can also expect Gatwick to return this summer with their master plan to use the emergency runway as a second runway by stealth and safeguard land for a third runway.

Planes may have become quieter but it is the frequency by which they are flown, the targeting of communities with concentrated flight paths, and the impact they are having on residents house values, wellbeing and climate change’ said CAGNE.

Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions

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