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CAGNE: Minister should focus on Gatwick’s impact
12th September 2018 – Crawley Observer


By Staff Reporter
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Campaign group CAGNE (Communities Against Gatwick Noise Emissions) says, the Secretary of State should look at Gatwick’s effect on the local area rather than the new aircraft hanger.

“Gatwick Airport management continues to ignore the severity of the aircraft noise that they put over people’s homes especially those that chose to live in rural areas for tranquility to the west and east of the airport,” said a statement from the group.

“The Minister would have been wise to look at the huge increases in noise complaints Gatwick is receiving, even though they have made it hard for residents to complain; the decline in air quality in the surrounding areas due to the poor road network; and the lack of rail capacity as Gatwick sits on a single line which can’t be expanded.

“In the last couple of weeks residents and passengers have seen two accidents on the M23 in the vicinity of Gatwick illustrating that one incident brings the road network to a halt. Gatwick acts as a bottleneck on the railway line congesting it with low cost passenger suitcases preventing the line from being improved towards the coastal regions.

“The growth of Gatwick continues to drain the local authority purse which has to meet road repairs; congests the railway line making commuters travel unbearable into London every day; residents find their driveways blockades passengers try to avoid the high parking charges at Gatwick and drains the local workforce resulting in adding more workers to the road and rail as they endeavour to reach Gatwick from far and wide.

“All the time Gatwick offers staff free parking they will not get them out of their cars. Air quality decline is in the surrounding areas to the airport, which the airport ignores and leaves to the local authorities to deal with.”

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