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Business group says members are ‘obviously keen’ on Gatwick growth
21st February 2018 – Crawley Observer


By Staff Reporter
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Business group gdb (Gatwick Diamond Business) says it will continue to back Gatwick expansion, following its latest members’poll. The poll, carried out earlier this month, sought group members’views on whether Gatwick should have a second runway.

“The poll has shown that we should continue to support the development of Runway 2 at Gatwick,” said a statement from gdb. “The findings are in the table below, but show that 88 per cent of members who responded are in favour of a second runway at Gatwick whilst Z per cent are in opposition. The others were unable to express an opinion or needed further information on the issues.

“The poll gives gdb members the opportunity to further express their opinion and we will look to publish both supporting and opposing views, with permission; in the May edition of the Source

Jeremy Taylor, CE of gdb, said: ‘As a representative body, we need to know what our members think and it is important that we check with them on crucial issues such as this.

Jeremy Taylor

“Whilst the runway debate continues, and the option of developing Heathrow is still under scrutiny by Parliament and the Transport Select Committee, our Member businesses are obviously keen to see this airport grow. These businesses are invested in the region, them and their staff live and work in the region around Gatwick so it is important we reflect their views.

“But I’m also keen to listen to those who oppose airport growth and look forward to hearing from them.

Survey results since 2014:
The group has published the results off our surveys, carried out since 2014.

“In previous years the survey has shown that there is strong support for the second runway from the membership of Gatwick Diamond Business,” said gdb.

2014 2015 2016 2018
Support 92% 85% 88% 88%
Oppose 3% 11% 9% 7%
Need more info 2% 2% 1% 4%
Abstain 3% 2% 2% 1%

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