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Gatwick Growth has ‘huge Impact’ on area
21st February 2018 – Crawley Observer


By Staff Reporter
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Gatwick expansion would be opposed by most residents of Sussex Surrey, and Kent according to a survey by CAGNE.

The three month survey by CAGNE (Communities against Gatwick Noise and Emissions) asked people about their concerns over airspace changes and their thoughts on Gatwick expansion with a second runway.

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A statement from CAGNE said: The results were unanimous, like the Airport Commissions work which cost the taxpayer £20 million over three years. Residents clearly do not wish to see Gatwick obtain a second runway as the growth currently is having a significant effect on their lives and well being now.

“The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has also just released a report on the 2016 movements at Gatwick which clearly show a 4% increase in aircraft movements at Gatwick and an increase in the number of people affected by the noise contours that it creates.

“In the CAGNE survey 61.09% of those respondents asked if they would support a second runway stated that they would not whereas only 36.40% would: unlike other surveys CAGNE offered the option of don’t know, which received 2.51%.

“Those that responded detailed that Gatwick is an inferior option for a 2nd runway – it is not in London and the infrastructure could not sustain it” also the flights are relatively low over the South Downs National Park and impact adversely on rural areas where there is very little ambient noise.

“Ihe noise and environmental effect of flights in and out of Gatwick arc having a huge impact on the quality of our lives and health, particularly during the summer months. In addition I believe this area is not suitable to support the infrastructure that would be required of airport expansion.’

“Questioned about night flights and respondents detailed that 36.82% would like to see a ban on night departures and 32.0% a ban on arrivals with 36.04% detailing that they are impacted by night noise, many admitting that they are€ not sure which routes in and out of Gatwick they are impacted by.

“The CAA report also shows that Gatwick has seen a 2% increase in night movements with 11,250 during the summer schedule (dispensations allow Gatwick to fly additional planes or move winter quotas over to the summer schedule) and allowing for a 60% increase in winter movements up to 3,250.

“One responded to the survey clearly detailing the emotions of many that responded to the survey: ‘The effect of a second runway at Gatwick would be – heavily increased traffic flow and severe congestion within Horsham and its environments leading to massive infrastructure costs which would not necessarily be effective.

Completely impotent rail service to London. Destruction of the pleasant ambience of Horsham as it develops rapidly into a metropolis.

If government reverses its decision on Heathrow, it should look to an expansion of Birmingham with its proposed fast travel links to London and northern England by HS2. Gatwick Diamond is only a collection of businesses with vested interests in supporting an American investment which will successfully divest itself of all responsibilities if a second runway were approved.’

*The survey also saw respondents from Gatwick Runway 2 supporters as well as groups from the Sussex, Surrey and Kent that oppose Gatwick growth due to the impact it is having on communities and the lack of infrastructure.

“NB: In view of the Gatwick Diamond member survey we would like to raise the fact that 33 Chambers of Commerce and international business support Heathrow expansion compared to those supporting Gatwick expansion.

CAGNE does not support expansion at Gatwick or Heathrow due to the impact both airports will have on the rural areas of Sussex and Surrey.”

See Other Article for the results of the Gatwick Diamond survey.

CAGNE’s Annual General Meeting takes place this Sunday, 25th February, at the Sussex Oak village pub in Warnham.

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