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UK Holidays Would be ‘Hit by Airport Expansion’
31st August 2016 – Crawley Observer

By Staff Reporter
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Expansion at Gatwick would hit the UK holiday industry hard, according to a campaign group.

Members of Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions – CAGNE – say that the south east coastal regions are some of the most attractive in the world but they will miss out if Gatwick is expanded and is therefore able to fly more people overseas on holiday.

A spokesman said: “It would seem total madness for the Government to be considering spending billions of taxpayer’ money on an airport that financially impacts our coastal regions.

“To encourage more people to fly to Europe for low cost holidays by expanding Gatwick would seem to work totally against our holiday resorts who are crying out for custom.”

To reinforce their point, CAGNE delivered 40 buckets and spades to 10 Downing Street, the House of Commons and the Department for Transport on Thursday.

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