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Poll Says People Back Expansion
4th May 2016 – Crawley Observer

By Berny Torre

Farrell's London - image of a two-runway Gatwick

how the proposed Gatwick Airport Expansion would look

Most West Sussex residents back Gatwick expansion, according to a new YouGov poll.

Fifty-three per cent supported expanding the airport in the online survey of 1000 adults across the county.

A fifth said they weren’t sure and 27 per cent chose Heathrow instead in the Gatwick-commissioned poll.

More than six in ten associated job creation with a bigger Gatwick and 63 per cent said it was important to the local economy.

Half linked the expansion with local mad congestion, 48 per cent aircraft noise and 43 per cent pressure on local housing and infrastructure and disruption by construction of a runway.

Fifty-seven per cent thought the expansion’s benefits would outweigh the disadvantages for them and their family – 27 per cent disageed.

Slewart Wingate, Gatwick’s CEO welcomed the results and said: “We will keep listening to all of our local communities as we are determined to be the best neighbour possible.

“If we get the green light to expand, we will work closely with local councils, businesses and neighbourhood groups to ensure that the benefits are shared widely.

A second runway will provide a significant boost to the local economy and provide thousands of new jobs for generations to come.”

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