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£2m to Combat Aircraft Noise
10th June 2015 – Crawley Observer

By Observer Reporter
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Gatwick Airport has spent £2.35 million on an insulation scheme for homes affected by aircraft noise.

Some 730 households have signed up to receive €3,600 of insulation each.

Gatwick has set aside £€7.2 million for the three year programme that would potentially see just more than 2,000 homes insulated.

The scheme is being rolled out over three years for homes around the airport in areas such as Lingfield, Charlwood, Burstow and Newchapel.

The homes are fitted with insulation and double glazing.

Gatwick CEO Stewart Wingate said: “We are acutely aware that aircraft noise is an important issue to many in our local communities and we are determined to do what we can to minimise the
amount we generate, mitigate against its affects and compensate households that are impacted most.

“We are not aware of any other airport in the world offering a noise compensation scheme as generous and innovative as our acoustic insulation offer.

“Noise is a key factor in the airport expansion debate and we will not pretend that more flights will equal less noise.

While it is true that Gatwick expansion will affect less than five per cent of those affected by Heathrow, we want to ensure that we help and support those most affected with this scheme, plus the direct compensation we have committed to should we be chosen for expansion.”

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