Gatwick airport consultation period

Consultation Period Ending

PH(N)RA would like to remind you that if you have not done so already, you need to respond to the Gatwick Airport runway consultation before 16th May. You will find details at


The online form is long-winded and some of the questions are deliberately crafted, in answering some of these questions the response could be interpreted as a yes to a further undisclosed runway option. Therefore, if you wish to object to the runway expansion outright, please send an email to this effect before the 16th.

The easiest way to say No, is to click on the following link : –
email simply substitute the NAME and ADDRESS in the auto-generated email and press the send button.

1 thought on “Gatwick airport consultation period

  1. I believe this has not been thought about enough the noise level will increase the roads already congested will be gridlock the procedures for operating the two runways have not been published not good for Crawley.

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