Gatwick Second Runway Consultation

What You Should Know

GAA Leaflet

Despite Gatwick Airport Limited (GAL’s) pretence of THREE options, there is really only ONE option.

  • Option 1 appears to be a cynical ploy as it will be too costly and not provide required capacity
  • Option 2 and 3 are just runway usage options depending on required capacity and will have the same disastrous consequences to our environment

At a glance what Option 2 or 3 will mean to Pound Hill …

  • Airport potentially larger than Heathrow within ¾ mile of Pound Hill North
  • Take off flight path potentially crossing Balcombe Rd near Parson’s Pig
  • Airport eastern boundary fully extended across Balcombe Rd to M23
  • A23, Balcombe Rd, Antlands Lane and Radford Rd bridge will need re-routing
  • Balcombe Rd congestion increased by NE SECTOR (Forgewood) development
  • More noise and air quality pollution leading to possible health problems
  • More road congestion caused by Airport passengers and new “off airport” service Companies
  • More congestion for Copthorne and Turners Hill Roads by inward commuters
  • Grid Locked main roads and “rat runs” leading into Crawley
  • Homes blighted by noise and road traffic
  • Increased risk of local flooding, The runway alone is equivalent in area to 100 football pitches and will be non-porous requiring run-off into the waterways
  • Millions of additional passengers on already over capacity Brighton Line
  • Mass inward migration of workers from UK and EU into Crawley
  • Properties could eventually used a “dormitories” for migrant workers
  • Increased level of daily commuters from areas with high unemployment
  • 40,000 extra houses required in the immediate Gatwick area
  • Copthorne, Old Hollow and Crawley Down likely local development locations
  • The south and western boundaries of Crawley likely to be developed
  • Many Manor Royal industrial units to be relocated elsewhere in Crawley
  • The whole of Crawley and surrounding areas will be urbanised
  • Shortages of school places, hospital beds and community services
  • Sussex, Surrey and Kent countryside endangered
  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty blighted
  • With low unemployment in Crawley, most new jobs will go to UK/EU migrant workers and not to existing Crawley Residents or their grandchildren with most economic benefits going to surrounding areas and many businesses outside of Crawley

What You Can Do:

  • Ask yourself will our children really want to live in such a polluted and urbanised environment?
  • Respond to the Consultation and reject ALL options
  • Join PH(N)RA to receive timely current information and notices
  • Join GACC to demonstrate support for their Campaign against a 2nd runway
  • Offer help to PH(N)RA, GACC or One’s Enough
  • Write/email to newspapers and local politicians.

PH(N)RA Contact Details

GACC Contact Details
phone 01293 863369

One’s Enough Contact Details

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