Covid-19 Pop up cycle lanes

A number of people have requested that the Pound Hill North Residents Association share information on the ability to comment on the Covid-19 Pop up cycle lanes.

The following information has been taken from the West Sussex County Council Website:

The County Council has been awarded £781,000 from the Governments emergency active travel fund to implement seven new and improved ‘pop-up’ cycle lane schemes, with an expectation that the facilities will be available for use by the end of September 2020.

The schemes are being implemented as emergency measures using Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs). The Three Bridges to Manor Royal, Crawley (1) and Pound Hill to Crawley town centre (2) (4.5km) emergency active travel fund temporary (or pop-up) cycle lane is now open:

  • Starting from: Three Bridges Station (1)
  • End point: Crossing north of Bycroft Way
  • Details: Protected on-carriageway cycle lanes provided on Hazelwick Avenue, connecting with the existing National Cycle Network 21 route.
  • Starting from: Balcombe Road (2)
  • End point: Southgate Avenue
  • Details: Protected on-carriageway cycle lanes provided on Haslett Avenue to complete missing links on the existing route.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions sheet at the bottom of the page and visit the County Council’s ‘Pop-up cycle lanes’ webpage for details of other planned emergency active travel fund cycle lanes.

Accident and traffic flow data will be used, along with automatic counting equipment, to help determine whether the schemes should be adjusted, removed or made permanent. Whilst this is not a formal consultation, we would very much like to hear your feedback on each scheme.

Please take part in this very brief survey to tell us what you think about the Three Bridges to Manor Royal, Crawley (1) and Pound Hill to Crawley town centre (2) (4.5km) temporary cycle lane.

WSCC Have your say on the Pop Up Cycle Lanes in Crawley

There is also two separate petition, where if you have stronger views, you can register your support or opposition:
To: West Sussex County Council

Keep and Improve the Pop Up Covid 19 Cycle Lanes in Crawley

Remove the Pop Up Covid 19 Cycle Lanes in Crawley

You’re welcome to leave a comment on the PH(N)RA website, using the form below. However in order to have your voice hear at West Sussex County Council, please use one/both of the links provided.

Annual General Meeting 2020

Notice is hereby given that the twenty second Annual General Meeting of PH(N)RA will no longer go ahead due to safety concerns for our membership, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ability of the committee to maintain normal service has been significantly affected. Therefore, the committee feels that the membership Fees for the 2020 ~ 2021 year should not be payable. With the expectation that the next payment date for members subscriptions, will be September 2021 at next year’s AGM.

The majority of the current committee are willing to stay in place. We have a position available for Honorary Secretary. If you are interested in filling this position, please contact the Association on email

A brief chairman’s report and last years AGM minutes will be circulated in due course to our membership.

Kevan McCarthy