Crawley Wellbeing

This message forwarded on behalf of Crawley Borough Council regarding Crawley Wellbeing and the services they are providing.

Dear Crawley Resident

Crawley Wellbeing, part of Crawley Borough Council, are a Health and Wellbeing provision that offers support and signposting to residents of Crawley. Throughout COVID-19, we are offering telephone and online support, with areas offered including: nutrition, weight management, alcohol, exercise, smoking cessation, low mood, sleep and general wellbeing.
If you feel you would benefit from any of our services and for more information please contact us.

Image To contact us please call us on 01293 585317/01293 585350 – we are not in the office at the moment but we can still answer the phones. If we do not answer, please do not leave a message but keep trying to reach us.
Image – if you can’t get hold of us on the phone, please feel free to email and we will reply as soon as we can.
Image – all our information will be on here and will be updated regularly.
Image – we are planning some live posts to keep you active and engaged with your continued health and wellbeing. Please check regularly and leave your comments on how you think we are doing; we will react to new ideas where we can.

We realise that this is a really difficult time for everyone but we want you to know that we are here to support you. Please check our websites and our Facebook page and get in touch if you need us.
Kind regards

The Crawley Wellbeing Team

Kathryn Ripley
Community Development Manager
Crawley Borough Council

phone 01293 438633 / 07833 083700

CORONAVIRUS – WASH YOUR HANDS MORE OFTEN FOR 20 SECONDS Use soap and water or a hand sanitiser when you: • Get home or into work • Blow your nose, sneeze or cough • Eat or handle food

Southern Water Covid-19 Help

Extra support for customers during Covid-19

We’ve expanded the support available for customers during the current pandemic. These measures are in addition to the support we already offer. Information about all the support we offer can be found here.

We’re continually reviewing the support we offer and urge any customer struggling to pay to get in touch, let us know and find out how we can support them.

Additional support we’re offering
We know the current crisis will have a financial impact on many of our customers so we’ve increased the support we offer to people in vulnerable circumstances.

  • Three-month payment breaks for any customer impacted by the virus
  • Automatic renewal of support tariffs so customers don’t need to worry about reapplying
  • Accepting referrals to our priority services register from trusted third-parties, such as councils, emergency services and Citizens Advice, and family members

Registering for support
Given the unusually large volumes of calls we are experiencing, the best way to contact us is:

Existing financial assistance programmes

  • Essentials provides a discount for customers on low incomes or pension credit
  • WaterSure caps bills when a customer on means-tested benefits has a water meter and meets certain criteria, such as having certain medical conditions or 3 children under 19
  • Water Direct allows Jobcentre Plus to pay Southern Water directly from a customer’s benefits
  • NewStart helps reduce debt for customers who owe money or haven’t made a payment for a while

Customers may be eligible for multiple financial support schemes, depending on their circumstances. More information about all of these, including the criteria for them, is on our website at

We’re providing regular updates through our Twitter and Facebook pages, so please check those regularly for the latest updates.