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Airport’s proposal untenable say critics
14th August 2019 – Crawley Observer


By Sarah Page
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A pressure group has said plans to extend Gatwick Airport are ‘entirely inappropriate and untenable’

The Sussex branch of Campaign for the Protection of rural England (CPRE) has said the airport’s recently revealed 15-year masterplan would ‘create a significant increase’ in the number of flights in and out of Gatwick and ‘make a mockery’ of the efforts of local councils to reduce carbon emissions.

But the airport’s owner says it recognises the importance of tackling climate change and will ensure future growth is ‘sustainable’.

Work made by Sussex councils on declaring a ‘climate emergency’ would be wiped out by the planned expansion of Gatwick Airport.

That’s the warning being made by the countryside charity CPRE Sussex.

The group says that nearly all Sussex councils have now pledged to cut carbon emissions in response to ‘evidence of a growing environmental crisis.’

But it says that Gatwick Airport’s ‘masterplan proposals to expand the airport over the next 15 years “would make a mockery of local councils trying to tackle the climate issue.”

CPRE Sussex spokesman Dr Roger Smith said: “Given the reality now generally accepted, that climate change is an existential threat, Gatwick Airport’s proposal to bring its standby runway ‘into full-time routine use’ would seem to be entirely inappropriate and untenable.

“If these proposals are permitted there would be a significant increase in the movement of aircraft flying in and out of Gatwick, and in the number of passengers travelling to and from the airport.

“The consequent increase in harmful emissions would wipe out all the good work being done by local councils trying to cut carbon emissions and make a mockery of their efforts.”

However, a Gatwick spokesperson said: “Gatwick recognises the importance of faster global and local action from all sectors to tackle climate change and will ensure any future growth is delivered in a sustainable way and in line with Government policy.

“We will carry out a number of detailed studies to assess the impacts and benefits of our standby runway plan on our local region and will be consulting on the plans next year.”

CPRE Sussex has also criticised Gatwick for holding its masterplan consultation road shows in areas least likely to be affected by noise and pollution.

That view is also being backed by the campaign group CAGNE which has hit out at the consultation as a ‘sham.’

Gatwick runway. Photo by Jeffrey Milstein

Chairman Sally Pavey said: “Only two thirds of the 5,000 respondents to the Gatwick Airport masterplan consultation agreed with using the emergency runway as a second runway.

This is a surprisingly low Gatwick specifically held the consultation events in areas away from those overflown and at the airport itself.”

She added: “The south east is one of the most congested and densely populated areas in Europe, with schools, hospitals, roads, rail, social services and housing barely able to cope with present numbers.

The dramatic increase in employment levels, which would be the result of a ‘second runway by the backdoor’, would exacerbate the situation to intolerable levels.

“There are many regions of the UK that could benefit from the economic stimulus that airport expansion could bring – but neither Sussex nor Surrey are one of them.’

Meanwhile, Gatwick’s owners – VINCI Airports and Global Infrastructure Partners – have this week announced a five-year £1.11 billion investment plan with an emphasis on the use of more automation and technology.

A spokesman said: “Gatwick now serves 46 million passengers a year and the airport is committed to exploring how to continue growing sustainably, providing jobs and boosting the local economy.”

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21st Annual General Meeting

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Gatwick News – Crawley Observer

New Commission to Improve Way Aviation Noise is Managed
31st July 2019 – Crawley Observer


By Staff Reporter
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The head of a new government organisation which advises on aviation noise at airports including around Gatwick has said that “growth cannot come at any cost.”

Rob Light is head commissioner ‘ of the Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise (ICCAN) set up by the Government in January.

The ICCAN has set out plans to improve the way avaition noise is managed including at Gatwick Airport

The commission has set out ambitious plans to improve the way that aviation noise is managed across the UK including around Gatwick Airport.

This included providing clear information and guidance around noise, and how airports engage and consult with communities.

Mr Light said: “Noise can be an emotive issue and as such people can feel very strongly about aviation. This is something that I have seen first-hand meeting with local residents, as well as people from the aviation industry in and around Gatwick airport.

To see the sort of growth in air travel being planned for the UK, intended to benefit the economy, I believe aviation must be sustainable.

“That means aviation noise should be considered a priority alongside air quality and carbon reduction. Aviation growth cannot come at any cost.

“ICCAN will be looking to ensure that aviation noise is better managed, measured and mitigated in the UK.”

A spokesman for Gatwick Airport said: “Gatwick recognises that noise from aircraft, has an impact on some local residents and we welcome the work that ICCAN is doing to improve public confidence and trust in the management of aviation noise.

To better manage noise issues locally, Gatwick established an independent Noise Management Board, which brings local communities and the aviation industry together in a formalised structure.

“The NMB has developed an agreed work plan and has had some success in reducing Gatwick’s noise footprint over the last two years.

“Indeed, the NMB is itself considered to be an industry-leading approach to managing noise.

“We acknowledge however that more must be done and we look forward to introducing a range of initiatives through the NMB workplan to further limit and reduce the impact that noise has on our local communities.”

Gatwick News – Crawley Observer

20,000 New Jobs
24th July 2019 – Crawley Observer


By Staff Reporter
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Gatwick Airport bosses say 20,000 new jobs would be created after revealing their final masterplan for development.

Airport bosses are now preparing a planning application to convert an existing emergency stand-by runway into full-time routine use. Bosses say the changes will mean a jobs boom and economic boost for the airport and surrounding area.

A spokesman said 8,000 jobs would be created at the airport and a further 12,000 jobs in the local region generating a £1 billion boost to the local economy.

The runway changes could mean passenger traffic increasing by up to 27 per cent by 2035. But those campaigning against the expansion plans said the local community had been disregarded.

Masterplan Offers £1bn boost to the local economy
But Campaigners Say Plan shows disregard for the local community

By Sarah Page and Ginny Sanderson

Major proposals for the expansion of Gatwick Airport have moved a step closer as officials revealed their final masterplan for development over the next 15 years.

Airport bosses are now preparing a planning application to convert an existing emergency stand-by runway into full-time routine use.

They also plan to use new technology to increase capacity on the current main runway and to safeguard land near the airport for a future possible runway – but stress they have no immediate plans for that.

Officials say it will mean a major boost to local jobs.

The runway, changes could mean passenger traffic increasing by up to 27 percent by 2035.

The airport currently deals with 55 take-off and landings an hour and, if the changes go ahead, will be able to handle up to 70 movements an hour.

Bosses say the changes will mean a jobs boom and economic boost for the airport and surrounding area.

A spokesman said: “We would create 8,000 jobs at the airport and a further 12,000 jobs in the local region He said it would also mean a £1 billion boost to the local economy.

“This development is really important for the growth of the region. “Gatwick is the biggest employer south of London and this type of investment into the region is really important for generations to come.”

A planning application is now being prepared for converting the airport’s emergency runway into full-time use, but officials say it will be used only for departures by smaller aircraft.

a development consent order is now being sought for the change which officials say, will include public consultation next year to allow local authorities, communites and businesses to have their say.

Meanwhile, safeguarding land at the airport for future possible use, say officials, has been the case since 2003. “The airport is no longer actively pursuing plans for an additional runway,” said the airport spokesman.

“Heathrow won that competition. But if – in the future – the land was ever needed, it would be a real shame if that land had been built on and homes or livelihoods had to be lost.”

Previously, opponents to Gatwick expansion have voiced fears that safeguarding the land could lead to three runways operating there.

However, revealing their final masterplan, officials say that two thirds of people who responded to a public consultation over the proposals were in favour of the expansion.

Gatwick CEO Stewart Wingate said:

“We are grateful to the thousands of people that responded to our draft masterplan consultation and whose views will continue to help shape our plans.

“We are encouraged that public consultation has shown strong support for Gatwick and the local area’s ambitions.

“The plans would deliver additional capacity for Gatwick, which will provide choices for the future including incrementally growing our airport to meet demand and continuing to provide solid operational performance for passengers and airlines.

“This would be the biggest private investment for the region in the coming years, which would result in significant local economic benefits, including new jobs for the area.

“Gatwick’s global connections are needed more than ever but as we take our plans forward, we must do so in the most sustainable and responsible way and in full partnership with our local councils, communities, passengers and partners.”

The announcement has been criticised by campaign groups opposed to the expansion plans.

A statement from CAGNE (Campaign Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions) read:

“This is simply a second runway by stealth.

“To use the emergency runway alongside the main runway is in affect a second runway as it will have to be moved by some 12 metres to allow it to be used.

“As such it is a second runway without ‘the full parliamentary scrutiny or any funding for our roads or railway line that will see a huge increase in passenger and workers numbers migrating into Gatwick.

“This announcement by Gatwick management flies in the face of the government’s announcement for ‘net zero’ by 2050, which aviation is not currently included in.

“This clearly illustrates that Gatwick now be seen as truly the neighbour from hell for all the communities of Sussex, Surrey and Kent that already find aircraft noise unbearable.

“Gatwick management clearly ignore the current mood of the UK population, that of Sir David Attenborough and Prince Charles, that we have to act now to save our planet.

“Aviation is one of the most damaging issues our planet faces today and any saving of CO2 by modern planes will now be lost due to the desire for commercial gain by this airport owners as this plan is in addition to Heathrow expansion.

“It is totally disingenuous to the residents of Crawley to continue to safeguard the land for a 3rd runway when Crawley is desperate for land to meet affordable housing demands.”

Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (GACC) says the plans show an “immediate disregard” to the local community neighbours. In a statement the group said:

“Gatwick Airport Ltd (GAL) has announced devastating expansion plans that will damage and blight the lives of residents surrounding the airport as well impacting on those further away living under flight paths.

“Despite claiming Gatwick is no longer pursuing an additional full runway GAL also wish to continue to blight residents living to the south of the airport with its demand to maintain the safeguarding land from any other development for anything up to 25 years.”

The statement said the plans to use the emergency runway as well as its main runway. will “substantially increase the noise and health impacts” on nearby residents – particularly those living north of the airport.

The group also said the proposal will have “severe effects” on a local infrastructure it says is “already overburdened” as a result of current growth.

GACC chairman Peter Barclay said: “In a world that is fast recognising aviation’s negative impact on health through noise impacts and air pollution, together with its contribution to climate change, GAL and the aviation industry ignore these impacts and blindly steamroller their unsustainable demands forward.”

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