River Learning Project Community

A message from Jeredyne Stanley
River Learning Project Community (LPC)

Rivers LPC works towards empowering women to take up new challenges in life. The charity supports women who are socially excluded, not able to find assistance from other organisations or need help without the involvement of formal authorities.

The Rivers Peer Support Award aims to empower women, so that they can become stronger.

This will be done as we aim to:

  • Break down barriers so women from different background will get together
  • Identify women who need further life enhancing skills to make a difference
  • Create role models in some of the diverse and isolated communities
  • Support the opportunities with training, development and growth for less experienced individuals
  • Develop professional skills in the process of volunteering
  • Offer the chance to share knowledge and experience and gain satisfaction from encouraging, supporting and guiding other women to achieve their goals

We shall achieve this by providing training and learning which will support excluded
women to develop personally.

Below is a poster for you use to support Rivers LPC in promoting this scheme as offering opportunities to the women in Crawley and surrounding areas.

Please check the website for more information.

website www.riverslpc.org.uk/support-award/
or the Facebook page
Facebook www.facebook.com/RiversLPC

Kind regards,
Jeredyne Stanley
Rivers LPC
Tel: phone 07539 995328
website www.riverslpc.org.uk

Crawley Observer – Gatwick Airport

Views sought on bid to cut noise from airport flights
18th January 2017 – Crawley Observer

website www.crawleyobserver.co.uk

By Staff Reporter
email crawleyobserver@jpress.co.uk
phone 01403 751200

The Government has announced new measures to cut the noise allowed from night flights at Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted.

Measures out for public consultation aim to encourage the use of quieter aircraft to limit the number of people affected by aircraft noise at night” while maintaining the existing benefits to passengers and the economy of night flights, said a Department of Transport spokesman.

Current night flight restrictions at the three airports expire in October 2017, and the new rules will last for the next five years up to 2023.

Gatwick Airport

Measures out for consultation include:

  • Reducing noise quotas at Gatwick by at least 17 percent in the winter (from 2,000 to 1,655) and 21 percent in the summer (6,200 to 4,870)
  • Setting a strict cap at existing levels for the number of night flights from Heathrow and Gatwick
  • Ending exemptions for almost 1700 night flights operating out of Stansted by including these in the new cap, setting a strict limit which the airport cannot exceed
  • Reducing the total noise quota at Heathrow Airport by at least 43 percent in the winter (from 4,080 to 2,340) and 50 per cent in the summer (5,100 to 2,540)

Aviation Minister Lord Ahmad said: This Government is committed to tackling the issue of aircraft noise, especially flights at night” which can be a blight for people living near airports.

Night flights are, however, important to the economy, creating extra choice for passengers and moving freight, and we need to carefully balance the needs of local communities with the benefits these flights can bring.

*That’s why we are encouraging the use of quieter aircraft by bringing in tighter noise quotas at the airports and setting strict caps on aircraft movements at night.”

Sally Pavey, Chair of CAGNE (Communities Against Gatwick Noise Emissions) said we would like to see a total ban on Gatwick night flights as this is a major complaint we receive from communities. Summer nights especially when communities want to enjoy their gardens and have windows open on hot evenings.

The consultation will run until February 28 2017. For more information visit: website Night flight restrictions at Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted

Night flights ‘serious impact on health’

Brendon Sewill, chairman of GACC, Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign, said Gatwick had more night flights than any other London airport.

He added: “We are disappointed that there is to be virtually no reduction in the number of flights.

People across Britain arc kept awake by aircraft and there is growing evidence that this has a serious impact on health, so GACC’s aim is to see a ban on an night flights.

“GACC, however, welcomes and supports the suggestion by the Government that the permitted level of noise at night (the noise quota) at Gatwick may be cut by 20 percent over the next five years.

That will not only have an obvious advantage but it will force airlines to buy and to use quieter aircraft – and that will also have a benefit during the day.

Also welcome is the-proposal to reduce the noise quotas to the current level of use, that will not make any difference to the current situation but will prevent a potential sizeable increase in future years. It is something that GACC has argued for in the past.”

GACC Press Release – Night Flights and Noise Management Board

From the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
13th January 2017

From the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign

Night flights

The Department for Transport has published their consultation on the night flight regime for the coming five years. It is at Night Flight Restrictions at Heathrow Gatwick and Stansted

You may like to see the attached press release which we have put out today.

In about a fortnight we will send you our draft response and will welcome your views.

Noise Management Board

The next meeting of the Gatwick Noise Management Board (NMB) on Tuesday 31 January is open to the public, and there will be a 45 minute question and answer session. If you would like to attend please see nmb-31-jan-17-invitation

You may recall that the NMB was set up in response to protests about the new flight paths introduced in 2013-14. In addition to various aviation bodies such as air traffic control, it has on it four representatives of local protest groups with another four protest groups acting as alternates.

GACC represents the whole area around the airport and is a member of the main airport consultative committee but is not a member of the NMB. Because the local protest groups only represent specific areas, and indeed because there are many towns and villages not represented on the NMB, GACC initially proposed that all NMB meetings should be open to the public so that those not represented could have their say, but it was decided that only one in every four meetings (this is the fourth) is open. For more details see a note on the NMB on GACC and the NMB 17.8

Brendon Sewill
Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign

For more information about Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
phone 01293 863369
email gacc@btconnect.com
website www.gacc.org.uk
Facebook www.facebook.com/doyoucaregatwick

Alternatively contact directly
phone John Byng 01293 537234
phone Peter Barclay 01293 862821

GAL – Noise Management Board Meeting

A message from Vicki Hughes
Gatwick Airport Limited

Noise Management Board Meeting

Dear Sir or Madam

The next Gatwick Airport Noise Management Board (NMB) meeting will be held on 31 January 2017.

The NMB meeting will be held in the Ascot Suite, Gatwick Airport South Terminal Hilton Hotel, commencing with 09:30 registration and coffee, for a 10:00 prompt start. We expect the meeting and presentations to finish at 13:00.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you and any guests to the event. This is a public meeting but we will require pre-booked names for attendance, and so I would be grateful if you could email me at email arrivalsreview@gatwickairport.com with your name, address, and who you are representing, together with these details for those attending with you. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept un-registered guests.

An agenda for the meeting is below for your information. The format for the morning will be a Welcome and Introductions by Bo Redeborn, Independent Chairman NMB, followed by an update of progress on the recommendations to date. Members of the audience will have the opportunity to seek clarification from, and to pose questions to, Noise Management Board Members.

The intention is also to present a draft work programme for the NMB during 2017/18. Gatwick Airport Ltd will be launching its Arrivals Review Year On Update document, (Arrivals Review recommendation IMM20) at the meeting.

We look forward to welcoming you to the NMB meeting, and I would be grateful if you could email your RSVP by Friday 20 January at the latest. If you are arriving by car, please park in the Gatwick Airport Short Stay Car Park and we will be able to validate your ticket for exit.

With best regards

Vicki Hughes
NMB Assistant and
Arrivals Review Implementation Manager

Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group – Newsletter

Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
Newsletter – Winter 2016 – Newsletter

Join the conversation to share your thoughts and experiences of local care and services direct with us.

Facebook NHSCrawleyCCG
phone 01293 600300 ext 4255
email Public Engagement Manager Gill Carter CCCG.Contactus-crawleyccg@nhs.net
website www.crawleyccg.nhs.uk

Write to our postal address at:

Engagement Team, Crawley CCG,
Lower Ground Floor,
Crawley Hospital,
West Green Drive,
RH11 7DH

Crawley Observer – New Museum

New Museum faces another ‘rather frustrating’ delay
21st December 2016 – Crawley Observer
website www.crawleyobserver.co.uk

By Karen Dunn
email karen.dunn@jpress.co.uk
phone 01403 751279

The latest delay in the development of the town’s new museum has been described as “rather frustrating” by the curator.

Members of Crawley Museum Society had hoped building work at The Tree, on the corner of London Road and The Boulevard, would be completed in September, allowing them to start fitting out their new home.

In a letter to people who had volunteered to help out once the museum was open, Helen Poole said: “Unfortunately, as so often happens in projects of this size, the timescale has slipped.

“It is now almost certain that we shan’t be on site until next spring and only then can we start installing the next phase, which focuses on the displays.”

She told the volunteers: The upshot is that we can’t start the training until much later than we had originally planned, which is rather frustrating all round.”

The museum had been housed in tiny premises in Goffs Park House, Old Horsham Road, but a move to The Tree had been planned for a number of years.

The move was made possible thanks to a £1.15 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund and €£763,000 from Crawley Borough Council. As for the work itself, the Grade II listed building is being refurbished by Crawley-based RDjW Architects, Stoneham Construction Ltd and historic buildings consultants Oxley Conservation.

They may not be able to move in just y€et, but the museum team is not wasting any time, Artefacts are being carefully wrapped and boxed and some careful planning had to be done to ensure their prize exhibit a 1903 Rex Forecar – would fit into its new home.

Helen was assigned as curator on a two-year contract. That was eight years ago and her enthusiasm has not waned.

She said: “My hope is the museum will be very much part of people’s normal thinking about Crawley, the same way that The Hawth is. Our aim is to make something Crawley will be proud of.”

The Tree has stood in the centre of Crawley for more than 700 years and has seen generations of townsfolk come and go.

It has been used as a private home, office, rent office and many other things in between. Once the work is finished and the exhibits are in pace, the museum should be open each week from Wednesday to Sunday.

If you would like to volunteer, email email volunteers@crawleymuseums.org