PH(N)RA AGM Information

A Message from Kevan McCarthy – Chairman Pound Hill North Resident Association

At the PH(N)RA, Annual General Meeting AGM held on the 13th September, I raised a number of concerns for the organisation and the wider community. For some of the topics discussed, other organisations were identified.

Contact details for these other organisations were shared at the AGM. However it was recognised that this information would be difficult to remember from a verbal presentation, so it was agreed that it would also be shared via our Website.

Parking / Commuter Parking

Dangerous parking can be reported directly to Crawley Borough Council, the department is “Parking Enforcement” which includes On Street and Controlled Parking Zones.

The Manager is Dan Holloway and their email is email please use this email to report impassable or dangerous parking, in particular if you feel that such parking would hinder the emergency services.

Be aware that parking on the pavement anywhere behind double yellow lines is also illegal.

You are welcome to air you views on parking issues, the best place being the East Crawley County Local Committees (EC-CLC) meetings, held at Crawley Library.

The last meeting was the 12th September, the next meeting is scheduled for the 23rd November 2016 followed by the 1st March 2017 – both of these are planned to start at 7.00pm

See West Sussex County Council website for future dates.


If you plan to attend the meeting, and wish to comment on a particular scheme, it would be beneficial to have some alternative suggestions in mind.

Anti-social Driving and Speeding
We have had a number of enquiries about anti-social driving and speeding, we have a number of options available.

– Report it
Report anti-social driving and speeding to the police via the Operation Crackdown website portal website

Please report all incidents that you see, even if you don’t have all the information. The number of reports will demonstrate that there is a problem in a particular area, and could ultimately support the request for speed calming measures.

– Speed calming measures
Speed calming, road schemes and signs need to be approved by West Sussex County Council (WSCC). You can request traffic calming for your road on-line (see link above) alternatively you should be able to make a request at the the East Crawley County Local Committees, alternatively contact one of your local Councillors.


Ward Councillors

There are three ward Councillors for Pound Hill North: –

1. Richard Burrett on phone 01293 522338. Richard is also a County Councillor at West Sussex County Council (WSCC)

2. Tina Belben on phone 01293 438625. Tina replaced Keith Brockwell in the May 2016 local elections.

3. Kevan McCarthy on phone 07879 841570, elected in 2015, so just starting second year as Ward Councillor.

Regards Kevan McCarthy
Chairman PH(N)RA

Crawley Observer – Gatwick Airport

Second Runway Railway ‘Meltdown’
21st September 2016 – Crawley Observer


By Staff Reporter
phone 01403 751200

Gatwick Coordination Group (GCG) MPs have written to the Rail Minister to warn him that rail services on the Brighton Mainline would go into “complete meltdown” if Gatwick Airport were to build a second runway.

As the Government nears a decision on airport expansion following the Airports Commission’s recommendation for a new runway at Heathrow, MPs have raised concerns.

Chairman of the GCG, Crispin Blunt said: “This summer’s misery on the railways highlights the vulnerability of the rail network to sevrice disruption and the need for new capacity to cope with rising commuter demand.”

He added:”The last thing the Brighton Main Line and its users need is extra burden of an ill-conceived Gatwick expansion. “Rail services would go into complete meltdown.”

Crawley News – Worth Park Gardens

Five year restoration of Worth Park to be finished next month with wooden sculpture
29th August 2016 – Crawley News


By Dave Comeau

The five year project to restore Worth Park to its Victorian glory will be completed next month with the installation of a sculpture.

DSCN3664 (2)

The project to restore Worth Park has cost £3.3 million

A masterplan for the restoration of the Victorian pleasure gardens and wider park area, off Milton Mount Avenue in Pound Hill, was first put together in 2011 and work began about two years later.

It has included restoring the fountain to working order, restoring the lake and woodland, repairing and restoring the rockery, circular flower beds and Italian terrace, and creating new paths.

In addition, Ridley’s Court – the former gatehouse to the park – has been renovated and turned into a visitor centre, a new park entrance was created and new lighting installed.

The project cost £3.3 million, with Crawley Borough Council contributing £975,000 and the rest coming from National Lottery grants.

There have been a few unforeseen problems over the course of the last three years, including a bee hive being found at Ridley’s Court, the grass in the park’s meadow needing to be re-sown due to a dry summer, and repairs to the Victorian fountain being put on hold when the contractor carrying out the work went into administration.

The final phase will be completed next month when a wooden sculpture is created. The council has contracted chainsaw sculptor Simon Groves to craft an enduring piece of art that references the history and heritage of the park using the stump of a storm-damaged cedar tree.

The artwork will sit outside Ridley’s Court and feature the Montefiore crest, deer, owls, camellias, bees and a range of other wildlife. Mr Groves will initially be on site from 9am on the following days:

  • 1-2 September
  • 6-7 September
  • 14-16 September


Current Status : Photo by Kevan McCarthy PH(N)RA

A further three days will be needed to complete the work, the dates for which will be confirmed at a later date.

The work itself will involve the use of a chainsaw, however every effort will be made to minimise disruption, with work starting after 9am and completed by 4pm each day.

During the works an area directly around the tree stump will be fenced off and the public toilets will be closed during this time. A cherry picker will be on site so the sculptor has access to the tree stump.

Cabinet Member for Wellbeing at Crawley Borough Council, Councillor Chris Mullins, said: “The sculpture will be a fantastic addition to Worth Park and a wonderful way to end the restoration process.

“The park has come a long way since we received the Heritage Lottery Fund grant and I am thrilled to have seen it restored to its former glory.”

Contact Liz Hart on phone 01293 438156 or email email or Karen Rham on phone 01293 438574 or email for more information.

Read more at website

PH(N)RA AGM Information from WSCC

A message from Terina Bryant – Principal Community Officer (Crawley)

Message originally delivered at the PH(N)RA AGM Meeting 13 September 2016

The Crawley Community Operations Team are part of the WSCC Communities and Public Protection Directorate. This directorate comprises of Fire and Rescue, Trading Standards, Prevention & Intervention and WSCC Community Safety and Wellbeing.

The team is comprised of 3 people – Terina Bryant, Kath Brooks and Paul Niner. who are based in Crawley and support statutory, voluntary and community activity that improves the health and wellbeing of the residents of Crawley.

Our focus is on the WSCC Future West Sussex plan 2015-19, and specifically our work concentrates on the following priorities, with a community based focus:

  • Giving children the best start in life
  • Promoting independence in later life

Our team works supporting WSCC Elected Members in their role as Community Champions, and we provide WSCC Commissioners with “on the ground” local contact to communities and voluntary organisations. WSCC is keen to work with residents on creating local solutions to issues that impact and affect them – and our team works with our partners in the County Council and Crawley Borough Council to strengthen community resilience.

Additionally, we promote and administer the WSCC Grants programme for Small Grants (up to £1,000) – and work with Members and colleagues on 2 other WSCC funding streams – Community Initiative Fund and the Members Big Society Grant fund.

Finally, our work is linked to the WSCC Public Health Directorate, and we work with our local community around the “5 Ways of Wellbeing” – which underpins our work in West Sussex and is central to the 3 grant streams mentioned above. More details can be found here: website…/five-ways-to-well-being

Specifically tonight, I’d like to mention the following things which may be of interest to you:

Connect to Support – This is a new website for care and support, information, advice, products and services for adults in West Sussex. You can either go online or if you need help using the website, you can call the Adult’s Carepoint on phone 01243 642121. The information has details of local products that can help you at home, local activities and groups, and you can buy care products and services in the online market. Additionally, you can find information about getting funded social care.

Hate Incident Support Line – A significant priority within WSCC’s work on developing stronger, more resilient communities is to tackle hate incidents and hate crimes. As part of this work, we commission a Hate Incident Support Service from Victim Support. A hate incident is actions or words that are targeted at a person because the perpetrator is hostile or prejudiced towards the victims actual, or perceived disability, race or ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation, or transgender identity.

Anyone can be a victim or a witness of a hate crime or incident.
In an emergency ring phone 999. To report a non-emergency incident contact Victim Support phone 01293 613010. Their local office is at Woodfield Rd, Crawley, RH10 8ER. Their website is website

Opening Doors to Services – this free event has been organised by the West Sussex Minorities Health and Social Care Group. It is an event where you can find out what is available in your community to support you in your health and wellbeing. It is open to all, but we are particularly encouraging BME residents to attend. It looks like an interesting and lively event, and you can even have a hand & head massage and take part in an African drum circle! The venue is The Civic Hall on the 22nd October between 10-2pm


Memory Walk – this is the first year that this will be in Crawley! It takes place on Friday the 21st October at 11 am at Tilgate Park. There will be 2 walks- a short walk around Tilgate Lake, and a longer 60 minute walk around the park itself. The event is to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society. After the walk, why not stop and have refreshments – home made cakes made by the Forget Me Not Club in Crawley.


Showcase Event – not in Crawley, but in Horsham. This year the event is open to the public, as well as professional teams working in health and social care. There will be over 50 standholders from the voluntary sector, District and Borough Councils as well as the multi-disciplinary teams. Come along – it is free and is a drop in from 10.30-1pm on the 1st November at County Hall North, Horsham.


Action Research – we are looking for volunteers who are happy to spend approximately 45 minutes to an hour being interviewed on a one to one basis. The aim of the interview is to find how people live well, what helps them adopt healthy lifestyles. We hope that inspiring stories and ideas will be shared more widely across the Crawley community to increase everyone’s understanding of how we can support each other in living well.


Terina Bryant

phone Office: 03302 228710
phone Mobile: 07515 052342

Principal Community Officer (Crawley), Communities and Public Protection Directorate, West Sussex County Council
County Hall North,
Chart Way,
West Sussex, RH12 1XH

Facebook WestSussexMatters

Crawley Observer – Traffic News

String of Accidents Blamed on Lights
7th September 2016 – Crawley Observer


By Sarah Page
phone 01403 751214

Faulty traffic lights at a busy road junction are being blamed for a string of crashes and near-misses.

David Ashton, of Worth Park Avenue, Pound Hill, says that traffic lights at the junction of Worth Road and Worth Park Avenue have been working only intermittently for weeks.

“They were not working for about four days over the Bank Holiday weekend and I saw a number of near-misses he said.

“They were also out this weekend when there were three crashes.”


The scene of the crash on Sunday afternoon

He said the lights had come back on during the week. but by Saturday morning they were not working again.

“During the afternoon there was a severe accident with two cars involved one of the drivers was a bit shaken up and we took him inside and arranged for his vehicle to be picked up.”

The following day, said Mr Ashton, “there were two further accidents but one was not as serious as the one on Saturday.

“Then around 3:30 there was a huge bang. Luckily, no-one was hurt but the cars overturned. “At that time the traffic lights were still not working.

“There were no warning signs for approaching traffic that the lights were not working, just a sign on the lights themselves – there should have been a warning.”

He said the lights were repaired by an engineer about an hour and a half after the last accident.

“This is quite a busy junction and it was inevitable that something like this would happen.

“it was obvious there was a problem there.” Police later confirmed they had been called to the accident on Sunday afternoon.

A spokesman said the crash involved “a Vauxhall Corsa – which had turned onto its side – and a Vauxhall Vectra, occurred at the junction of Worth Road and Worth Park Avenue.

“Firefighters and paramedics were also in attendance, though no injuries were reported.” A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said there had been a number of wiring faults. “There
have been problems caused by a series of underground wiring faults at the junction, requiring new cables to be installed.

“We have isolated the faulty wiring and made a temporary fix, which restored the signals on Sunday.

“We have instructed our supplier to replace the faulty wiring to correct the problem.”

Crawley News – Gatwick Airport

Planes Nearly Collide in the Sky After Air Traffic Controller Error
Disaster is Avoided in the Nick of Time After Take-off Rada Mistake is Spotted
7th September 2016 – Crawley News


Chris Ballinger

Two passenger planes almost collided during take-off at Gatwick Airport after an air traffic controller failed to spot one of them on the radar, an official investigation has found.

The aircraft departed Gatwick within 45 seconds of each other and the second jet was catching up the preceding flight as they both climbed into the air when the potential for a devastating midair crash was realised.

Gatwick Airport Tower

Near Miss: Two planers almost crashed during take-off at Gatwick Airport after an air traffic controller failed to spot one on the radar

Air traffic control “forcefully instructed” the pilot of the aircraft behind to take “avoiding action” by immediately stopping its ascent and taking a harsh right turn so that it did not get any closer to the plane ahead.


At their closest the planes came within 700 feet vertically and around two miles horizontally.

Guidance from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) states planes must maintain “a vertical separation of 1,000 feet”.

The incident in April this year involving two Airbus 319s, which can carry up to 156 passengers each, was investigated by the UK Airprox Board (UKAB), who concluded the cause of the near miss was the air traffic controller ’s failure to scan his radar before clearing the second pilot to climb into the air.

The UKAB report, published on Friday, states: “He [the air traffic controller] did not remember seeing A319(B) on his radar scan before issuing the climb to the pilot of A319(A).”

The UKAB said “poor co-ordination ” by air traffic control staff also had an impact.

The report, though, added: “The controller should have scanned ahead before climbing A319(A) irrespective of the poor co-ordination.”

The pilot of the second plane noted they “closed on the other aircraft during the acceleration phase and the following initial climb.”

The report continued: “The [two] pilots shared an equal responsibility for collision avoidance and not to operate in such proximity to other aircraft as to create a collision hazard.

“Notwithstanding … it is the responsibility of the controllers concerned to ensure that standard separation requirements are met.”

The usual separation gap of two minutes between planes taking off had also been reduced to 45 seconds in this situation in order to “increase departure frequency ” and it was deemed to be a contributing factor to the incident.


The report added, though, that this “reduced separation” is a “regular situation, and the Gatwick Aerodrome controller complied with the standard procedure ”. The report found that “safety had been degraded”.

The UKAB board also expressed disappointment that the pilot of the first aircraft, operating a “foreign-registered aircraft “, had not filed a report into the incident.

It assessed the incident and rated it as category C, the third most serious.

The report did not reveal the airlines involved in the incident or where the flights were heading.

Worth Park – Worth Park Wanders

A message from Edwina Livesey

Worth Park Gardens – Worth Park Wanders – 8th September 2016

Dear Resident,

Why not join us for this fun series of hour-long themed walks around Worth Park on the second Thursday of each month until October.

The park includes historic formal gardens, woodland and a beautiful lake, home to many species of birds.

WPG Worth Park Wanders 2016

All the walks are free and led by qualified leaders. Tea and coffee will be served afterwards at our visitor centre in Ridleys Court.

Meet at the entrance to Ridley’s Court, Milton Mount Avenue RH10 3DH at 10.30am Worth Park Wanders in autumn

8 September Pulham and Son
Worth Park is one of the most complete surviving
landscapes designed by this celebrated Victorian
company. Find out more about them on this enjoyable
13 October Terrific trees
Enjoy some of our wonderful trees in their autumn colour
and learn more about their heritage

We look forward to seeing you!

Edwina Livesey

For further information please contact Edwina

phone 01293 438027
phone 07826 917846
Participation Officer – Worth Park
Crawley Borough Council
Town Hall, The Boulevard
Crawley, RH10 1UZ

Facebook worthparkcrawley

Worth Park – A Unique Victorian Garden and Landscape

Worth Park – Twilight in the Trees

A message from Edwina Livesey

Worth Park Gardens – Twilight in the Trees – 10th September 2016

Dear Resident,

We have an exciting event coming up at Worth Park on Saturday September 10th when our annual Woodland Day will celebrate the joys of woodland in the evenings.

  • Listen to the sound of trees drinking water through headphones and watch them being lit up with torchlight at a magical lakeside lighting show
  • Make a woodland lantern and follow our woodland trail
  • Create a shadow puppet and take it for an adventure
  • Have a go at writing woodland poetry
  • Take part in an expert guided tree walk
  • Enjoy campfire singing and a marshmallow roast

Delicious homemade soup will be served at 6pm approx.

WPG Twilight In the Trees

All free and no need to book (small charge for soup and please note supplies are limited)

Please note the light show will be at approximately 8pm.

More details on our Facebook page – see link below.

Thank you as always for your support for Worth Park.

Edwina Livesey

phone 01293 438027
phone 07826 917846
Participation Officer – Worth Park
Crawley Borough Council
Town Hall, The Boulevard
Crawley, RH10 1UZ

Facebook worthparkcrawley

Worth Park – A Unique Victorian Garden and Landscape

Members Information – PH(N)RA

Members Information

The Pound Hill North Residents Association have donated a bench to Worth Park Gardens.

Last weekend members of the PH(N)RA committee, took the opportunity to pose with the bench that was purchased for Worth Park Gardens.

The PH(N)RA bench is situated in the corner of the courtyard at Ridley’s court. Being of a high quality and well constructed it should provide many years of use for the local community.

Pound Hill North Residents Association committee members 2016

IMG_1435 v2

IMG_0515 v2

Members of the committee: Alan Meeks, Kath Watson (Hon. Treasurer), Alan Quine, Chris Beech, Kevan McCarthy (Chairman), Ken Champion, Evelyn Ashford (Hon. Secretary) – missing Annette Benham (Membership Secretary)

This is not the first time we have made purchases on behalf of the community. We also have a monkey puzzle tree (with plaque) near to the fountain in the main garden and we have agreed to contribute towards a large planter in the gardens.

We are always looking for other opportunities to improve the local environment and would welcome any suggestions from our residents. Please contact us on email PH(N)RA

Kevan McCarthy

Crawley Observer – Gatwick Airport

UK Holidays Would be ‘Hit by Airport Expansion’
31st August 2016 – Crawley Observer

By Staff Reporter
phone 01403 751200

Expansion at Gatwick would hit the UK holiday industry hard, according to a campaign group.

Members of Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions – CAGNE – say that the south east coastal regions are some of the most attractive in the world but they will miss out if Gatwick is expanded and is therefore able to fly more people overseas on holiday.

A spokesman said: “It would seem total madness for the Government to be considering spending billions of taxpayer’ money on an airport that financially impacts our coastal regions.

“To encourage more people to fly to Europe for low cost holidays by expanding Gatwick would seem to work totally against our holiday resorts who are crying out for custom.”

To reinforce their point, CAGNE delivered 40 buckets and spades to 10 Downing Street, the House of Commons and the Department for Transport on Thursday.