Tesco – Bags of Help

What is Bags of Help?

Bags of Help is our exciting local community grant scheme funded by the government’s 5p bag charge.

Supported by environmental charity Groundwork, we’re transforming green spaces, sports facilities and woodland walks across the UK for customers, colleagues and communities to enjoy.

Bags For Help

It’s your money, so have a say where it goes.

How do I get involved?

Apply for funding for your community group

Applications are now open at website www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp

Nominate community projects close to you

Does a green space in your local area need some attention? Let us know at website www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp

Vote for your favourite

Groundwork and Tesco colleagues will shortlist three projects to receive funding of £8,000, £10,000 or £12,000. Your in-store vote decides who gets which amount.

Check the results in-store and online.

Want to know more?

Call our dedicated helpline phone 0121 237 5780 or visit website www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp

Tesco Bags of help flyer

Tesco, like other large retailers, is required by law to charge a minimum of 5p for every carrier bag bought by a customer. It’s all part of the government’s drive to reduce waste. Proceeds generated from sales of the bags will be given to good causes as set out by Defra (Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs). Reasonable administrative costs, as set out by Defra, will be deducted from the proceeds by Tesco. For more information, please visit website www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp

Carers Support Group at the Apple Tree Centre

Dear All,

Gurjar Hindu Union (GHU) Ltd

Carers Support Group at the Apple Tree Centre

  • Do you look after someone who could not manage without your help and support?
  • Are you looking after a partner, relative, child, neighbour or friend who has a long term illness or condition, is disabled or maybe frail?

Then you are a Carer and we are here to signpost you to appropriate services

Carers Support Group ATC June 3rd

Please find attached invitation to a Carers Group Session that is scheduled for the 3rd June at the Apple Tree Centre In Crawley – 11am until 12.30pm – Doors open 10.30am

Apple Tree Centre, Ifield Avenue, Crawley RH11 0AF

Further meetings in 2016
Friday August 5th; and Friday October 7th

Come and meet representatives from Service Providers including Alzheimer’s Society, Carers Support West Sussex, Age UK, West Sussex County Council, Diabetes UK etc.

For further information call Project co-ordinator Koki Patel
phone 07950 245715
email patelkoki@hotmail.co.uk

Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign – Message

A message from Brendon Sewill of GACC

Dear member

1. The runway situation

The Government has said that it intends to announce a decision on the runway ‘this summer’ after the referendum. It is generally assumed that this will be in July – before the House rises on 21 July. There will, however, be a backlog of Government business to get through. Moreover, if there is a Cabinet reshuffle after the referendum that could cause further delay. So a date in the autumn, perhaps in the Parliamentary session 5 15 September, now looks possible.

As explained in our last newsletter, GACC is concentrating on influencing the key civil servants and opinion formers by publishing a series of semi-academic research studies. You can see full details by clicking on website www.gacc.org.uk/research-studies.

We have also worked with CPRE, The Woodland Trust and CAGNE (Communities against Gatwick noise and emissions) to produce a document illustrating the impact that a second runway would have in demolishing 17 listed buildings – more than at any time since world war II – and causing the deterioration of much loved countryside. We will be launching this document at 12.30 on Friday, 1 July at Rowley, the Elizabethan manor house owned at one time by the family of Thomas Culpepper. He was executed for having an affair with Queen Catherine Howard: now his house is threatened with a similar fate!

Please come and support and support this event. Entrance off the south-bound carriageway of the A23, south of Gatwick. Post code RH10 2SL.

2. Noise Management Board

As a result of intense opposition to new flight paths, Gatwick Airport set up an Arrivals Review, headed by the independent air traffic expert Bo Redeborn. GACC’s response to the Review is at website www.gacc.org.uk/flight-paths Gatwick are due to produce their final plans for implementing the Arrivals Review on 31 May.

A new Noise Management Board (NMB) is being set up, and its first meeting will be on 21 June. For its first year the Board will concentrate on the implementation of the Arrivals Review. The Board will not have power to take decisions but it is hoped that it will provide an authoritative voice in making recommendations to the DfT, CAA, NATS or GAL.

There seems some risk of confusion with the existing Gatwick noise committee, NATMAG (on which GACC sits) although it is envisaged that the NMB will take a strategic view while NATMAG will continue to monitor the factual impact of noise on local communities. GATCOM, the airport consultative committee set up by statute, on which GACC also has a seat, will continue to have a wider role covering all aspects of the airport.

The chairman of the NMB will be Bo Redeborn. There will be one member from each of Gatwick Airport, Gatwick airlines, Gatwick local air traffic control, NATS (national air traffic control), CAA, DfT and the chair of GATCOM. Plus two county councillors. Some dissatisfaction has been expressed that the District Councils, which have a responsibility for noise and planning, are excluded.

During the past three years 13 different local community groups have been formed to protest against flight paths over their area (details are given in a Guide to Community Groups on website www.gacc.org.uk/flight-paths ). These groups are to be given four seats on the NMB. 230 town and parish councils (!) were invited to nominate a community group. 35 replied and the four groups with the most nominations were

  • The High Weald Councils Aviation Action Group (a group of 26 councils)
  • GatwickObviouslyNot (a community group based on Penshurst)
  • The Association of Parish Councils Aviation Group (six parish councils in the Wisborough Green area)
  • The Pulborough Aviation Action Group (a local community group)

There has been some confusion about the nomination process, and discussions are currently taking place as to whether it might be sensible to make the NMB membership more representative, and to allocate responsibility for rural, urban, departure and arrival issues.

GACC have found ourselves in a curious situation. Although we have as paid-up members over 50 councils and over 40 community groups, we are not on the NMB. We were originally asked to be the sole environmental member on Board representing all the local protest groups. We declined because we knew that all the local groups had such strong views that we did not feel they would trust us to speak for them. Instead the decision was taken that there would be two ‘community’ representatives from the east and two from the west. Because GACC represents the whole area around the airport it would have been inappropriate for us to seek nomination for either east or for the west.

GACC will continue our traditional role of leading the opposition to a second runway and seeking general improvement in all aspects of the environment around Gatwick.

Thank you for your support.

Brendon Sewill

Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
Stan Hill, Charlwood, Surrey. RH6 0EP

For more information about Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
phone 01293 863369
email gacc@btconnect.com
website www.gacc.org.uk
Facebook www.facebook.com/doyoucaregatwick

Alternatively contact directly
phone John Byng 01293 537234
phone Peter Barclay 01293 862821

PH(N)RA Committee Members


Join us – as part of our succession planning, we are looking for committee members

To perform our role, we: –

  • Circulate information to our members, via email and our website
  • Keep a lookout for issues that affect the local area
  • Monitor local press, national news and press releases from various local businesses
  • Review Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) and local planning applications
  • Produce and review documents
  • Promote the Association at local events
  • Generate content for our website to maintain its popularity
  • Attend bi-monthly meetings and all have the opportunity to present concerns to the group
  • Have funding to spend on local area improvements
  • Analyse technical reports in order to understand the implications on the local environment

We monitor a number of local issues, including: –

  • Proposed Airport Expansion, 2nd Runway at Gatwick
  • Traffic Calming, Yellow Lines and Parking Problems
  • North East Sector (Forge Wood Estate)
  • Planning Applications and Housing Developments
  • Worth Park Gardens
  • Grattons Playing Fields
  • Three Bridges Station
  • Local Policing and Community Wardens
  • Refuse Collection, Littering and Dog Bins
  • Environmental issues including Air Quality

Join us – demonstrate support for your local community. Be informed over the future, be active in your neighbourhood and be proud that you’re involved.

We are looking for energetic, dedicated people. We can utilise a varied skill set and appreciate that everyone has something to offer.

If you are interested in supporting and improving the local community – contact us today email PH(N)RA general@phnra.co.uk

PH(N)RA – To work for and on behalf of all members regarding the good order and well‑being of the area of Pound Hill North.

Regards Kevan

Kevan McCarthy
Chairman Pound Hill (North) Residents Association

Crawley Observer – Gatwick Airport

Pledge to reduce night flights reignites runway bid war of words
Heathrow vows to reduce night flights anf curb noise and pollution. Gatwick calls it a ‘desperate last throw’
18th May 2016 – Crawley Observer
website www.crawleyobserver.co.uk

By Observer Reporter
email crawleyobserver@jpress.co.uk

Heathrow Airport’s pledge to reduce night flights and curb both noise and pollution if it is allowed to build a new, third runway has reignited the big debate over Gatwick expansion.

The promise comes ahead of a government decision which is expected this summer on whether to expand Heathrow or Gatwick.

Last year, the Davies Commission recommended expanding Heathrow, but with strict environmental restrictions.

Heathrow said it will allow a longer quiet period overnight” with flights not allowed to land between 11pm and 5:30am, from their current 11.30pm finish and 4.30am start.


An aerial view of Gatwick Airport

John Holland-Kaye, chief executive at Heathrow Airport Holdings, said they would bring in the new times in six and half years time if they were granted the right to expand.

The offer differs from the recommendations made by Sir Howard Davies’ inquiry which wanted a ban on night flights between 11.30pm and 6am.

The airport is promising to meet his calls for limits to overall noise and guarantees that local pollution would not get worse.

Heathrow supported the introduction of an independent noise authority and pledged not to add new capacity unless the airport complied with EU air quality limits.

The Gatwick Coordination Group (GCG) of MPs has welcomed the announcement by Heathrow Airport Ltd that it will accept the implementation of all the recommendations of the Airports Commission, including the recommended ban on night flights at Heathrow.

MPs on the group are:

  • Crispin Blunt” Reigate (chairman)
  • Sir Paul Beresfond, Mole Valley
  • Nusrat Ghani, Wealden; Nick Herbert MP, Arundel and South Downs
  • Jeremy Quin, Horsham
  • Tom Tugendhat Tonbridge and Malling
  • Henry Smith, Crawley
  • Sir Nicholas Soames, Mid Sussex

Chairman Crispin Blunt said: “Now that Heathrow to the Airports conditions there is nothing left to stop the Government giving the green light to a new runway at Heathrow.

“The Airports Commission’s recommendations for a comprehensive package of mitigation measures clearly trumps anything that the discre€dited Gatwick expansion option can offer.

“The Transport Select Committee recently endorsed the Airports Commission’s conclusions and recommendations and stated that the Government’s delay in taking a decision has ‘created uncertainty.

The Government cannot go on ignoring the unambiguous and unanimous findings of Sir Howard Davies and his independent expert commission.

“Gatwick’s owners have proposed no measures to make expansion fair to local people.

“Unlike at Heathrow, Gatwick cannot guarantee respite from relentless noise to local residents. A decision for Gatwick would let down Britain and be a betrayal of communities in Surrey, Kent and East Sussex and West Sussex.

“The Government should welcome Heathrow’s announcement rule out Gatwick and get on with implementation of the Airports Commissions Heathrow recommendation.”

Farrell's London - image of a two-runway Gatwick

how the proposed Gatwick Airport Expansion would look

Gatwick Airport has responded to Heathrow’s announcement by reasserting that Gatwick remains the only expansion plan that can actually deliver for the UK.

Gatwick will provide the same growth and the same benefits that the UK has been waiting decades for without the noise impacts of Heathrow, without breaking air quality limits, at half the cost and with no public subsidy, the airport says.

Gatwick Airport CEO St€wart Wingate said: “This is a desperate last throw from a project that has repeatedly failed. Heathrow’s air quality plans, for example, fail the most basic credibility test.

You can’t promise no more cars with a third runway and at the same time to propose to expand the M25 and plan to spend millions on parking. “Heathrow has constantly failed the environmental tests and the public and politicians wont be fooled by yet more warm words which have been heard for decades.

“Rather than circling around a failed solution that will never happen, we should get on with something that can actually happen – only Gatwick can deliver for the UK.”

‘Ban Night Flights over countryside’

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) Sussex is challenging Gatwick Airport’s chief executive to follow Heathrow’s example and ban night flights over the countryside.

The CPRE said Heathrow chief executive, John Holland-Kaye, had told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the move was ‘the first major change in the night flight regime in nearly 40 years’, and ‘what people have been campaigning for years’.

However, CPRE Sussex trustee, Sally Pavey, said “it would be impossible for bosses at Gatwick to make the same promise”.

“A ban on night flights at Gatwick would remove a third of their business plan for the second runway”, she said.

“I challenge Gatwick’s CEO, Stewart Wingate to do the same and ban night flights over the Sussex countryside”.

“We don’t believe there is any need for a new runway in the South East. “We are rapidly seeing the countryside disappear – losing our dark skies and our tranquillity.”


Sally Pavey, Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CRPE) trustee, and Stewart Wingate Gatwick Airport CEO

Worth Park Garden – Crawley Heritage Open Day

A message from Edwina Livesey

Worth Park Garden – Crawley Heritage Open Day – 25th May 2016

Dear Resident,

Are you interested in Crawley’s heritage, history and archaeology? Are you concerned about heritage conservation and want to know how you can help? Then this event is for you.

Volunteers are more important than ever in heritage conservation in Crawley. Find out why from our expert panel of speakers including the County Archaeologist John Mills and Lorna Richardson of the Local Heritage Engagement Network. Or just drop in after 1.00pm, enjoy a coffee and view some of the photos, maps, charts and archaeology which have been discovered as part of the Worth Park Project. You can also find out about the plans for Crawley’s new museum and meet the Curator.

The event is free but the talks must be booked in advance as space is limited and places are likely to book up quickly. A full list of talks is below and you are welcome to attend all of them if you wish. Just let me know which talks you would like to attend (changeover during breaks only).

10.30am Welcome and introduction Helen Poole, Curator of Crawley Museum
10.45am The Archaeology of Crawley John Mills, Senior Archaeologist, West Sussex County Council
11.25am Heritage under threat? What we can do to help Elizabeth Rice and Joan Francis, Horsham District Archaeology Group
11.55 – 12.05pm Break
12.05 – 12.45pm The role of the Local Heritage Engagement Network Lorna Richardson, LHEN
12.45pm Discussion
13.30pm Guided historic tour of Worth Park led by our Head Gardener

Crawley heritage day

I look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes


phone 01293 438027
phone 07826 917846
email edwina.livesey@crawley.gov.uk
Participation Officer – Worth Park
Crawley Borough Council
Town Hall, The Boulevard
Crawley, RH10 1UZ

Facebook worthparkcrawley
email worthpark@crawley.gov.uk
website www.crawley.gov.uk/worthpark

Worth Park – A Unique Victorian Garden and Landscape

Mid Sussex Times – Gatwick Airport

Airport officials face hundreds of angry residents
29th April 2016 – Mid Sussex Times
website www.midsussextimes.co.uk

By Local Reporter
email middy.news@sussexnewspapers.co.uk

Facebook www.facebook.com/MidSussexTimes

Senior spokespeople from Gatwick Airport and the aviation industry faced hundreds of angry residents at the second annual meeting of an airport protest group at Warnham village hall on Friday.

CAGNE (Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions) is the West Sussex and Surrey lobby group that shares information with communities that are affected by aircraft noise from flight paths and the potential impact of a second runway at Gatwick Airport.

The aviation industry spokespeople included representatives from Gatwick Airport, its independent Arrivals Review team, the Civil Aviation Authority and NATS, which operates air traffic control.

During the meeting Bo Redeborn, who headed up the Arrivals Review, confirmed that CAGNE was right that the Gatwick Airport review had not considered departures when suggesting changes to arrivals.

The formal procedure of the AGM was conducted quickly with Sally Pavey being re-elected as chairman of CAGNE and the committee members being re-appointed by the audience, all unanimously.

Speaker Phil Roberts of the Civil Aviation Authority said that the CAA is the body tasked with ensuring that the aviation industry meets the highest safety standards and that drives improvements in airlines’ and airports’ environmental performance.

Mr Roberts detailed the role of the CAA and how residents could get involved in the current CAA consultation which can be viewed at consultations.caa.co.uk and said that the CAA is seeking transparency in airspace changes. He also detailed how such changes in one area impact airspaces in other areas, and that the way forward was PRNAV or PBN (aircraft navigation by ‘satnav’) on arrivals.

Sally Pavey said later: “Both of these technologies result in concentrated flight paths against which CAGNE is lobbying. CAGNE’s appeal is for the exact opposite – dispersed flights – in order to achieve fair and equitable distribution of noise. Sadly the Government body defines ‘dispersal’ as a ‘multitude of concentrated routes’ and not as we knew it.

“This is because their policy is ‘concentration’ and ‘to save CO2 (fuel)’”.

Dave Curtis of the National Air Traffic Service (NATS), which is the UK’s largest provider of air traffic control services, explained how airspace works. In answer to a resident’s question, he said that villages are not shown on air traffic controllers’ screens but that aircraft and the volume of movements tend to dictate airspace routing guidance given to pilots. Mr Curtis added that the LAMP (London Airspace Management Programme) document to modernise airspace, which was put on hold in 2014 as it pitched communities against each other with proposed new routes outside of the NPRs (Noise Preferential Routes) and which CAGNE battled to stop, will return in 2023/24.

Vicki Hughes of Gatwick Airport, who was accompanied by Bo Redeborn, the leader of Gatwick’s Arrivals Review team, said that she had just joined Gatwick to deal with feedback on the Arrivals Review and would be hosting a public meeting on April 26 and residents should email her via email arrivalreview@gatwickairport.com the final report being published on May 31.

Jeremy Quin, MP for Horsham, speaking from the floor, advised Mr Redeborn that he would be meeting with Gatwick Airport soon to discuss the Arrivals Review and that he hoped that departures and their associated problems would be addressed.

In a question and answer session, two members of the public challenged the CAA over noise metrics, claiming that that they are out of date.

Sally Pavey, chairman of the meeting, stressed that the ambient noise in the countryside is much lower than in urban areas and so each low-flying aircraft is an ‘event’.

Other residents made it clear that sleep deprivation is a major concern for their families and that this is affecting their health and quality of life with departures as well as arrivals.

A Warnham resident asked if there were any plans to move flights from the westerly Dorking route (LAM 26) and place them over West Sussex and Warnham. The CAA and NATS both confirmed that this was not the case and would not happen.

Another Warnham resident Michael Brookes said after the meeting: “The speakers must have left feeling the communities’ intense anger and frustration and their high level of mistrust at the whole issue of airspace changes. The meeting will have shown to them that it is not just one or two CAGNE committee members who are unhappy but the great swathe of inhabitants of the West Sussex and Surrey who CAGNE seek to protect.”

See full article at
website www.midsussextimes.co.uk

Crawley Observer – Gatwick Airport

200 Pack Hall for Anti-Expansion Meeting
4th May 2016 – Crawley Observer
website www.crawleyobserver.co.uk

By Observer Reporter
email crawleyobserver@jpress.co.uk

Senior spokespeople from Gatwick Airport and the aviation industry faced some 200 residents at Warnham Village Hall at the, second annual meeting of an airport campaign group.

CAGNE (Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions) is the West Sussex and Surrey lobby group that shares information with communities that are affected by aircraft noise from flight paths and the Potential impact of a second runway at Gatwick Airport.

The aviation industry spokespeople included representatives from Gatwick Airport, its independent Arrivals Review team, the Civil Aviation Authority and NATS, which operates air traffic control.

A CAGNE spokesman said that during the meeting Bo Redeborn, who headed up the Arrivals Review, confirmed that CAGNE was right that the Gatwick Airport review had not considered departures when suggesting changes to arrivals.

The formal procedure of the AGM saw Sally Pavey re-elected as chair of CAGNE and the committee members being re-appointed.

Speaker Phil Roberts, from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), detailed the role of the CAA and how residents could get involved in the current – CAA consultation which can be viewed at website consultations.caa.co.uk

and said that the CAA was seeking transparency in airspace changes.

Crawley Observer – Gatwick Airport

Poll Says People Back Expansion
4th May 2016 – Crawley Observer
website www.crawleyobserver.co.uk

By Berny Torre
email crawleyobserver@jpress.co.uk

Farrell's London - image of a two-runway Gatwick

how the proposed Gatwick Airport Expansion would look

Most West Sussex residents back Gatwick expansion, according to a new YouGov poll.

Fifty-three per cent supported expanding the airport in the online survey of 1000 adults across the county.

A fifth said they weren’t sure and 27 per cent chose Heathrow instead in the Gatwick-commissioned poll.

More than six in ten associated job creation with a bigger Gatwick and 63 per cent said it was important to the local economy.

Half linked the expansion with local mad congestion, 48 per cent aircraft noise and 43 per cent pressure on local housing and infrastructure and disruption by construction of a runway.

Fifty-seven per cent thought the expansion’s benefits would outweigh the disadvantages for them and their family – 27 per cent disageed.

Slewart Wingate, Gatwick’s CEO welcomed the results and said: “We will keep listening to all of our local communities as we are determined to be the best neighbour possible.

“If we get the green light to expand, we will work closely with local councils, businesses and neighbourhood groups to ensure that the benefits are shared widely.

A second runway will provide a significant boost to the local economy and provide thousands of new jobs for generations to come.”

Crawley News – Gatwick Airport

Surveys find residents in favour of new Gatwick runway
4th May 2016 – Crawley News

Facebook www.facebook.com/crawleynews

A POLL has suggested that more local people want Gatwick Airport to get an additional runway rather than Heathrow.

A total of 49 per cent of people surveyed recently in a YouGov poll favoured Gatwick being expanded over Heathrow.

Out of the remaining people who were questioned, 34 per cent favoured Heathrow being expanded and 17 per cent said they weren’t sure.

The data also shows job creation is the issue most people, 55 per cent, associated with Gatwick expansion.

Half of residents said the advantages of expansion outweighed any disadvantages for both them and their family, while 34 per cent disagreed with this.

Gatwick was also selected by 46 per cent as being the best choice for expansion if considering how it would lead to regeneration of the local area, compared to 25 per cent backing Heathrow.


A total of 1,173 adults from Crawley, Mid Sussex, Horsham, Croydon, Mole Valley, Reigate and Banstead, and Tandridge were questioned between March 22 and April 13.

This survey follows one in January 2015 by the Crawley News in which we asked 1,000 Crawley residents picked at random for their views on perhaps the biggest decision in the town’s history.

A total of 493 people (49.3 per cent) gave their support to expansion at Gatwick, compared to only 232 opposing a second runway (23.2 per cent), while the other 275 (27.5 per cent) remained undecided.

The results also revealed that in every single neighbourhood those in favour of Gatwick getting a second runway outnumbered those against it.

We decided to carry out the survey as councillors on Crawley Borough Council were voting on whether to back expansion without having carried out any such opinion poll.

Despite the survey’s findings borough councillors voted to oppose a second runway.

In a free vote, where councillors could vote however they wanted and not along party lines, 25 voted against a second runway being built, while only 11 voted in favour.