Fishing at Worth Park Lake

Message forwarded on behalf of Crawley Borough Council in regards to fishing at Worth Park Lake

Fishing at the lake is now managed by Crawley Angling Society. It’s only available to members of the club – we can’t offer day permits.

Fishing at Worth Park leaflet

If you would like to join the club and fish in the lake, please contact their Secretary Steve Mugridge on phone 01293 521186 or visit Jack Frost Tackle in West Green. Further details and an information pack are available at website

Crawley Angling Society is keen to promote nature conservation and tell their members not to leave litter behind, which endangers wildlife.

If you have any concerns about litter please contact their Head Bailiff Paul Jackman on phone 07940 014296 or Deputy Head Bailiff Chris Fiddimore phone 07905 682643. You can also report this to our Head Gardener Sam Worsey at email or phone 07884 267278.

If you witness any anti-social behaviour including night fishing or poaching please call our Community Wardens on phone 07884 492324.

We look forward to a great partnership with Crawley

Angling Society.

GACC Newsletter 105

Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
Newsletter 24th April 2016

GACC Newsletter April 2016 v2

For more information about Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
phone 01293 863369

Alternatively contact directly
phone John Byng 01293 537234
phone Peter Barclay 01293 862821

Dawn Chorus Walk – Worth Park Gardens

A message from Edwina Livesey

Dear all,

Why not kick-start your day with a difference and allow the beautiful sound of bird song to be your alarm clock.

Following on from our highly enjoyable dawn chorus walk last year, bird expert Tom Forward from Sussex Wildlife Trust has once again agreed to lead us on an early morning ramble through Worth Park on Friday 29th April, enjoying the bird song and tasting the morning air. Tea, coffee and croissants will be served afterwards at our visitor centre in Ridleys Court.

The walk will last from 6.00am – 8.00am.

The event is free but places are limited – so booking is essential. Details of how to book are on the attached poster.

Dawn Chorus Worth Park16

I look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes


phone 01293 438027
phone 07826 917846
Participation Officer – Worth Park
Crawley Borough Council
Town Hall, The Boulevard
Crawley, RH10 1UZ

Facebook worthparkcrawley

Worth Park – A Unique Victorian Garden and Landscape

Crawley News – Gatwick Airport

Airlines being made to look for ways to make Gatwick quieter
Will New Rules Mean a Quieter Life for Those on Flightpath?
6th April 2016 – Crawley News


Chris Ballinger


Commitment: Gatwick bosses have agreed to implement measure to reduce noise

Residents disturbed by the noise of planes landing at Gatwick Airport will get some respite soon after wide-ranging measures to reduce the impact were agreed.

Gatwick bosses have committed to taking action on all 23 recommendations put forward by the Independent Arrivals Review in a report earlier this year after an increase in complaints about noise.

A priority is for the airport to incentivise airlines to modify Airbus 320 planes which cause a “high pitch whine” on landing. Others are to keep aircraft higher for longer and to use continuous descent arrivals (CDAs), where planes glide in to land rather than use their engines.

Liz Bowie, who has lived in Forge Wood since October, says the planes are a lot noisier than she anticipated and she wants the measures to improve the quality of life for locals.

The 55-year-old, from Somerley Drive, said: “When we bought our house here we didn’t think the noise would be as bad as it is. “If we have the window open the noise of the planes stops us from
getting to sleep at night and I’ve been woken up at 4, 5 and 6am. “We have a problem with planes both taking off and landing. If these measures reduce the amount of noise we have to put up with, then it wilt make life a lot better for everyone living at Forge Wood.”

Gatwick has been told to not allow unmodified Airbus 320 aircraft to use the airport after December 31, 2017.


Another key recommendation in the review is for an independent noise management board to be created, including representatives from people living near the airport, to hold the airport to account.

Gatwick Airport chairman Sir Roy McNulty believes the noise review has been “very constructive”. He said: “I believe that in aggregate the actions will make a significant difference. We are keen to establish the independent noise management board recommended as soon as possible.

Gatwick is committed to making the board a successful and effective influence.” Sir Roy added that there is strong backing for Bo Redeborn, who led the arrivals review, to be the first chair of the board.

Mr Redeborn said: “There is clearly a good deal of work to be done to bring this about [putting the recommendations into practice] and I am very pleased to have been proposed to be chairman.

“In that role, one of the first things I would be doing is to monitor how Gatwick, and other stakeholders who contributed to this review, implement the recommendations that have been accepted.”

A public consultation on how Gatwick plans to carry out the measures is open until May 16.