Worth Park Winter Wonder

A message from Edwina Livesey

Dear Resident,

There will be Winter Wonder event – fun all the family at Worth Park on Sunday 13th December, 2 – 4.30pm

Enjoy a festive afternoon with all the family at our historic Victorian Park.

There will be carols led this year by Milton Mount Community Choir and accompanied by Crawley Millennium Concert Band.

Keep the family entertained with Christmas crafts, a Christmas tree trail and Scottish country dancing with Crawley Scottish Country Dancing Society.

Mulled wine and homemade mince pies will also be provided by Crawley Beavers.

Admission is free – there’s no need to book.

Visit website www.crawley.gov.uk/worthpark for up-to-date details.

I look forward to seeing you at Worth Park!

Best wishes


Winter Wonder 2015

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Participation Officer – Worth Park
Crawley Borough Council
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Crawley, RH10 1UZ

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Worth Park – A Unique Victorian Garden and Landscape

Gatwick Airport – One’s Enough Message

A Message from One’s Enough

Hello everyone, whilst we are awaiting the Government’s announcement of how they are to make their decision and put it to Parliament to vote on whether a new runway will be at either Heathrow or Gatwick, please see Aviation Industry Survey and CAGNE statement (below).

Very many thanks
One’s Enough

email gatwickonesenough@gmail.com
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Aviation Industry Survey

Please consider doing this, it takes less than a minute!

This survey has been put out by the aviation industry and offers you the chance to say where you would like airport expansion – Gatwick, Heathrow or ‘other’.
Absolutely typically of the industry, it does not offer the option of ‘nowhere’.

Please take the time to tick one of the buttons and help stop Gatwick’s expansion.

website Gatwick-vs-Heathrow have your say

Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions (CAGNE) Statement

Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions – West Sussex and parts of Surrey

Residents fed up with Gatwick’s efforts to lobby MPs and local councils, whilst ignoring community concerns, released a film on Sunday 1st November at the Red Lyon public house in Slinfold, West Sussex, that is badly affected by changes to flight paths, to highlight the plight of local people.

Earlier this year the Airports Commission released it’s finding into airport expansion, unanimous that expansion should take place at Heathrow Airport.

Gatwick Airport management have continued their fight for expansion, making every effort to blacken Heathrow’s proposals whilst saying very little about how a new runway would impact Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

The film simply called ‘what does a new runway at Gatwick mean to you’ can be seen at website www.vimeo.com/144304640

The aim of the film is to highlight residents and local businesses concerns, to let them have a say about how a second runway would affect them in Sussex, Surrey and Kent as it is not just about a runway but so much more.

Residents are already unhappy that their quality of life has been shattered by changes made to airspace with the introduction of concentration on departure routes by Gatwick last May. As well as endeavouring the narrowing and lowering of height for arrivals, which continue throughout the night.

The Civil Aviation Authority released a report in October that highlighted that close to 13,000 people were adversely affected by night flights at Gatwick, showing a year on year increase of 15%. The increase in overall complaints at Gatwick reaching just under 20,000 for the same period of 2015, with the fact that more night flights are causing sleep deprivation for communities.

CAGNE are delighted by the turn out of local people, it plainly shows the anger residents currently feel towards Gatwick and the increase in flights and noise.

CAGNE are spending a lot of time with parish councils and local communities helping them to understand what has happened with airspace changes as well as working closely with the Department for Transport and local MPs to try and find a way forward where residents can have some respite from noise and the concentration of emissions.

Residents are constantly bombarded by aircraft, and this is now when Gatwick is at its quietest, so there’s no way a second runway aircraft traffic of 560,000 planes a year would be tolerated.

Sally Pavey
Chair of CAGNE

Transforming Urgent Care Service – Crawley Hospital

A message from Agnieszka Tworkowska

Transforming Urgent Care Service – Crawley Hospital

We are very pleased to inform you about some exciting improvements and expansion of services available at Crawley Hospital, which include:

Transforming the Urgent Treatment Centre at Crawley Hospital

  • Clinical Assessment Unit going from 2 beds to 6
  • Larger Paediatric area
  • Larger adult waiting area
  • Urgent Treatment Centre refurbished

Creating a 26 bedded ward for both Crawley and Horsham / Mid Sussex residents

The redevelopment is a response to patient engagement, bringing more services in Crawley under one roof and ensuring more services are available closer to home.

We want to continue engaging with our patients throughout this exciting project and are starting with an Open Day on Friday 11 December 2015 which will give people the opportunity to see the plans, tour the current facilities and hear about new proposed facilities as well as have their questions answered by NHS staff and clinicians.

See the promotional material (below) giving further information about the Open Day and how to book your place.

Open Day Flyer V1

Thank you for your assistance and we hope to hear from you shortly.

Agnieszka Tworkowska
phone 01293 600300 ext. 3965
email agnieszka.tworkowska@nhs.net

Engagement Officer
Crawley & Horsham and Mid Sussex CCGs
Lower Ground Floor Crawley Hospital
West Green Drive
Crawley, RH11 7DH

Gatwick Airport Special Report – Crawley Observer

We Absolutely Understand That Aircraft Noise Disturbs People
Aviation regulator the CAA has given its verdict on controversial changes to Gatwick flightpaths
18th November 2015 – Crawley Observer
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Special Report

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced the results of its review of the controversial changes to Gatwick flight paths.

Phil Roberts, the CAA’s head of airspace, air traffic management and aerodromes said: “We absolutely understand that aircraft noise disturbs many people and we have taken the required amount of time to fully assess the considerable amount of feedback we have received from across the local communities.

“As we have done throughout this review, we will continue to consider the environmental impact of all our airspace decisions and have called on the aviation industry and other decision-makers to be much more ambitious in confronting aviation’s environmental challenges.”

A statement from the CAA said: “European and national projects are improving airspace infrastructure to deliver a more efficient use of airspace and enable environmental improvements including fuel and CO2 savings by aircraft flying more direct routes.

“As part of this work Gatwick Airport sought the CAAs approval to implement changes to their departure routes which we approved on 14 August 2013.

“These changes meant a move away from old ground-based navigation in order to utilise the improved navigational capabilities associated with satellite-based systems.

“Our approval was given after a consultation by the airport.

“Around one year after implementation of such an airspace change the CAA reviews whether the anticipated impacts and benefits have been delivered.

“In this case the review includes a comprehensive study off light paths flown and assessment of the significant amount of feedback we received from the general public, particularly over noise concerns.’

The review’s conclusion are:

  • Six routes have delivered the aim of the change and will remain in their current state. These are routes 1, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (see map, below).
  • One route has not delivered the aim of the change and must be modified to an acceptable standard. This is route 4 which departs from the westerly runway and then turns right to head east to route north of the airport.
  • Two routes have delivered the aim of the change to an acceptable standard but Gatwick has been required to consider whether modification could deliver a better outcome. These are routes 2 and 5. Route 2 is from the easterly runway and turns right to route towards the south-coast and route 5 departs to the east from the easterly runway.

Gatwick SIDS

Following the CAA review, Routes 1, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 will remain. Routes 2 and 5 require further modification and route 4 is being modified.

The routes referred to are:

  • Route 1: Westbound traffic towards Southampton from the westerly runway.
  • Route 2: Southbound traffic towards Seaford for routes across the English Channel from the easterly runway.
  • Route 3: Westbound traffic towards Southampton from the easterly runway.
  • Route 4: Eastbound traffic from the westerly runway which splits into four routes towards: Dover for eastbound traffic; Clacton for eastbound/northeast bound traffic; towards the Brentwood area for northbound routes and towards Biggin Hill for positioning flights to Heathrow.
  • Route 5: Eastbound traffic from the easterly runway which then splits into three routes towards: Dover for eastbound traffic, Clacton for eastbound/northeast bound traffic, and towards Biggin Hill for positioning flights to Heathrow.
  • Route 6: Eastbound traffic from the easterly runway which then turns north towards the Brentwood area for routes to the north.
  • Route 7: Southbound traffic towards Bognor Regis for routes across the English Channel (day time only) from the westerly runway.
  • Route 8: Southbound traffic towards Seaford for routes across the English Channel (night time only) from the westerly runway.
  • Route 9: Eastbound traffic towards Dover, northeast bound via Clacton or northbound via the Brentwood area from the westerly runway, but used as an overload route only.

“Gatwick Airport has been informed of our conclusions and is already working on the modifications we have required with a priority on route 4,’ said the CAA statement.

“Both Gatwick and the CAA will work to implement any acceptable modifications taking into account internationally agreed schedules for publishing changes to airspace.

“UK airspace is a very limited and important part of our national transport infrastructure but the basic structure of the UKb airspace was developed over forty years ago. Since then there have been huge changes,including a hundredfold increase in demand for aviation.”

CAA SID Report Nov 2015

Full CAA report – Warning large document


Flightpath review ‘fails to end misery’

Anti-Gatwick expansion campaigners say a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) review on controversial changes to the airport’s flight paths fails to ‘end misery’ for residents.

Brendon Sewill, chairman of Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign, said: “It is a great disappointment that the CAA have rejected proposals for reducing the misery caused by new flight paths.

“In a 198 page report (see above) they devote only two pages to the possibility of dispersal spreading the aircraft over a wider area – and to the possibility of respite – giving people a break from constant noise. And then reject both.

We will now need to take the case to the Government and indeed will raise this when we meet the Minister for Aviation, Robert Goodwill MP next week, on November 18.”

A GACC statement said the changed routes had caused’great distress’ for resident living directly under them.

The paths were concentrated on’very narrow’ tracks because aircraft switched to satellite navigation.

It added the CAA review would only change is to the route which takes off to the west, and then turns right over Holmwood, Brockham and Reigate.


‘Reports serve only the aviation industry’

Sally Pavey, chairman of Communities Against Gatwick Noise Emissions (CAGNE), said: “For a Government, in this day and age, to implement and subject residents to such an airspace concentrated system without any research into the noise readings or emissions from concentrated routes is beyond belief.”

She criticised the reports and said they should be reviewed by the aviation minister Robert Goodwill. She added: “The noise shadow is far grater from a concentrated route than a dispersed route. It’s like having a country lane next to your home, which might see a few cars throughout the day and night, and changing it to the M1 overnight.

“The noise is relentless. Until the aviation industry recognise that concentrated routes create noise shadows these reports are pointless as they serve only the aviation industry and not the taxpayers.”

Gatwick Airport – Crawley Observer

Gatwick Expansion Plan Backed by Labour Leader
Corbyn Listens to Parents’ Fears Over Cuts to Working Tax Credits
18th November 2015 – Crawley Observer
website www.crawleyobserver.co.uk

By Berny Torre
email crawleyobserver@jpress.co.uk
phone 01403 751201

labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said a second runway at Gatwick Airport was a better option than Heathrow expansion.

The opposition leader also listened to parents’ fears over proposed cuts to working tax credits at Caterpillars Pre-School, Southgate, on Wednesday (November 11).

Mr Corbyn opposed expansion at Heathrow over pollution concerns and said: “Gatwick already has spare capacity at the moment and does have facility to expand beyond 2019.

“Gatwick is a possibility but I also think we should look at the under-used capacity all around the South and the South East so there’s also a question of expanding flights in Stansted and even Southampton and further afield in Birmingham.”


From Left, Louise Taylor, Simon Cox, Jeremy Corbyn and Cathie Clark

He spoke to parents and staff about Conservative proposals to cut working tax credits, benefits for people on a low income.

Mum-of-three Louise Taylor said she feared the cut would mean she would not be able to afford to send her children on school trips.

She said: “It’s going to affect a lot of people. “He’s reassured us that hopefully things will get sorted.’

Single father Simon Cox told Mr Corbyn he could not spend as much time with his son as he wanted because he had to work.

Cathie Clark, Caterpillars Pre-school owner, said the benefits helped her study and eventually open the nursery in the borough council-owned Southgate West Community Centre.

She added: “Working tax credits are a good thing. “A. lot of my parents have been starting to go back to work.

‘A lot of people said there was no point going back to under income support but this working tax credit makes people go back to work because they get an extra support with child care costs so they can put their children into nursery for the hours they work.

“It’s really hard to get a job which fits in to the hours of a pre-school.”

Mr Corbyn said the credits worked as a’virtuous circle’ helping parents work and pay into a nursery where most of its profits went back to the state. He added: “Tax credits are a way to let people keep their heads above water. “It doesn’t cost the public that much.”

Mr Corbyn said he was confident over Labour’s chances of winning in Crawley in the next general election. His party’s Crawley campaign would support the Labour-controlled council before selecting a parliamentary candidate.

He said: “We will campaign very hard because everybody needs housing and people need security in their work and security in their lives and Labour can offer that.”

Gatwick Airport – Crawley News

Labour Leader ‘Open’ to Gatwick Second Runway
Jeremy Corbyn questioned during his first official visit to Crawley
18th November 2015 – Crawley News

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By Rachel Barr
email rachel.barr@crawleynews.co.uk

LABOUR Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is “open” to the idea of a second runway at Gatwick and wants Crawley to be able to build outside its boundaries.

The MP for Islington North shared his thoughts on Gatwick expansion and how he would solve the town’s housing crisis during a visit to Crawley last Wednesday.

It was his first official foray into Crawley since becoming leader of the opposition.

Speaking about Gatwick, he said: “Runway capacity needs to be looked at across the whole of the south east including airports such as Stansted, Luton and even Southampton.


“I’m open to discussing expansion at Gatwick although I’m certainly against a third runway at Heathrow.”

Mr Corbyn added that he is a regular user of the airport. He said: “I like Gatwick. I use it a lot as getting a train from my home in north London isn’t very difficult.

“It has improved a lot over the years and still has runway space available.”

On the subject of housing he called for towns like Crawley to be able to build outside their boundaries without asking permission from neighbouring authorities.

Mr Corbyn also wants councils to be given back control over the conversion of offices into homes, to prevent places like Manor Royal from being turned into housing estates.

“I want towns to be able to build outside of their borders,” he said. “All the powers with permitted development are with the developers. I don’t want that. I want them handed back to the local authorities “I would like them to have the power to say if they want it [a new development]. I certainly don’t want there to be dead high streets because empty units have been turned into homes.”

It was announced earlier this year that relaxed planning rules, known as permitted development rights or prior approval, will become permanent from next May Crawley Borough Council applied to make Manor Royal and Gatwick Airport exempt when prior approval was introduced in 2013, but the move was rejected by the Government.

Labour sees Crawley as an important seat to win back from the Conservatives at the next General Election which is why Mr Corbyn chose to visit, even though that is a long way off.

He spent the morning at Caterpillars Pre-School at Southgate West Community Centre on Ditchling Hill.


Here he spoke to parents about tax credits which are given to low-income families, and how cuts to the benefit would affect them.

After speaking to parents he joined in with nursery rhyme time, singing Incy Wincy Spider with the children before taking part in a two-minute silence to mark Armistice Day The Southgate-based nursery was the same place that former Labour leader Ed Miliband visited back in December 2013.

After that Mr Corbyn went on to the Charis Centre in West Green where he answered questions from residents about everything from education to housing.

I What do you think of Corbyn’s comments on Gatwick and housing?

Email your views to email editor@crawleynews.co.uk

Health – Air Quality – Crawley Observer

Worst Air Around Largest School
11th November 2015 – Crawley Observer
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Students at the largest school in town have been breathing some of the worst air in the county.

Hazelwick School, in Three Bridges, is situated in one of the most polluted square kilometres of land in West Sussex outside of Gatwick, according to statistics from Defra (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs).

The levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) being Produced by diesel cars and trucks in the Hazelwick Avenue area was listed by Defra as exceeding 25 tonnes Per Year – the highest pollution category on its map.

The NO2 levels, coupled with a high level of Particulate matter in the air, prompted Crawley Borough Council to designate the area as one of only 10 air quality management areas (AQMA) in the county. The others are in Chichester, Cowfold, Hassocks, Shoreham, Southwick, Storrington and Worthing.

The responsibility for monitoring air Pollution levels lies with Crawley Borough Council. A spokesman said the air quality was constantly monitored and the borough would be working with West Sussex County Council to deliver traffic calming measures to the area.

Annual General Meeting – GACC

A message from Brendon Sewill of GACC

Dear member

This is to remind you that our GACC AGM will be held on Friday, 13th November 7:00 for 7:30 pm at the Copthorne Hotel, RH10 3PG.

The formal business will be brief. Nominations for our committee need to be submitted a week in advance. There will be tea or coffee, a licensed bar and a serious discussion of how we can best influence the debates about new flight paths and a second runway.

I hope you received your copy of Gatwick Grounded spare copies of this booklet and copies of the sister publication The Great British Runway Myth will be available at the AGM. Please let me know if you would like to collect a large number of copies.

You may be interested to see the attached press release about night flights and also a letter we have sent to the Secretary of State for Transport about the cost to the taxpayer of a second runway at Gatwick.

Infrastructure costs v2

Night flight press release October 2015 v2

A petition to ban Gatwick night flights is on the government website. To sign it just follow this link website petition.parliament.uk/petitions


Brendon Sewill

For more information about Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
phone 01293 863369
email gacc@btconnect.com
website www.gacc.org.uk
Facebook www.facebook.com/doyoucaregatwick

Alternatively contact directly
phone John Byng 01293 537234
phone Peter Barclay 01293 862821

School Places Forge Wood – Crawley News

Parents Invited to Find Out About New Primary School
Information event takes place at Crawley Library on 17th November
4th November 2015 – Crawley News

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PARENTS are being invited to find out more about a new school which is being built north of Pound Hill Forge Wood Primary will serve the new neighbourhood of Forge Wood, and parents of children due to start reception year next September are invited to attend a drop-in session.

There will be 60 places available for the first year then an additional 60 places each year until there are 60 pupils in each year from reception through to Year 6.

The information event takes place at Crawley Library from 4pm to 6.45pm on Tuesday November 17.

GLF Schools, a multi-academy trust which will run the school, will host the event with staff on hand to answer questions.

The new school building is being built by Persimmon Homes and Taylor Wimpey and will be fully completed in 2017.

Forge Wood Crawley

FORGING AHEAD: Forge Wood is being built north of Pound Hill

Gatwick Airport – Crawley Observer

Film Highlights Opposition to Plans for Second Runway
4th November 2015 – Crawley Observer
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A film highlighting opposition to a second runway at Gatwick from business owners and residents has been released.

The five-minute video, called’What does a new runway at Gatwick mean to you’, was put together by Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions (CAGNE) and was launched on Sunday.

In the film a number of residents speak about the affect a second runway could have on traffic congestion near the airport, the potential loss of business premises, and the amount of extra people impacted by aircraft noise.

Sally Pavey, chair of CAGNE, said: “We are delighted by the turnout of local people, it plainly shows the anger residents currently feel towards Gatwick and the increase in flights and noise.”

The number of people affected by Gatwick night flights increased by 15 per cent in 2014, according to a report by the Civil Aviation Authority, although these figures include the Gatwick’s immigration removal centre for the first time.

While Sir Howard Davies recommended a third runway at Heathrow over expansion at Gatwick back in July, the airport has continued to press its case for a second runway.

The Government has yet to announce whether or not it will accept Sir Howard’s recommendations.

In early 2015 both Crawley Borough Council and West Sussex County Council voted to oppose a second runway, and while a number of groups have campaigned vocally against it, several business leaders have also given their backing to Gatwick’s expansion.

CAGNE said it was continuing to press for less concentrated aircraft routes, which it argues is causing sleep deprivation for some communities.

To watch the film visit website www.vimeo.com/144304640