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Historic Houses – Press Release 28th April 2014

GACC Historic Houses Press Release 28-04-2014

Charlwood House 2

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Gatwick Consultation

Homeowner fears at Gatwick meeting
16th April 2014 – Crawley Observer

By Berny Torre
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Gatwick Airport consultation in Ifield

Residents asked how a second runway at Gatwick Airport would affect the price of their homes and plane noise at a drop-in exhibition.

Around 340 people attended the airport’s consultation at Ifield Community College on Wednesday (April 9).

Among the information on offer was compensation news for those whose homes fall within the boundary of land which would be needed to accommodate a new runway.

To counter any fall in house prices, should a second runway be approved, compensation would be made available through Gatwick’s Property Market Support Bond before any work started.

One resident, from Ifield West, said the meeting had prompted him to considering selling his house.

He said:”I believe it will be built and this is all a facade. I learnt about the bond scheme and would consider moving or selling house.”

Delphine Laurencin, 32, Climping Road, Ifield, said: “I’m worried about how it will affect house prices because I’m thinking of selling in a few years.”

Alan Stevens, 34, and Emma Salvano, 32, of Stafford Road, Langley Green, attended to sign a petition against building the new runway.

Mr Stevens said: “It will affect us majorly. We are the cut-off where we won’t get any allowance for compulsory buying or compensation.’

There were also concerns about plans to divert the River Mole should the second runway get the go ahead.

Valerie Darnley, 58, of Burlands, Langley Green, said: “My insurance will be loaded because of the flood risk after they alter the River Mole flow.”

Construction project manager Alan Sillitto, who represented Gatwick at the meeting, said a “vast cross-section’ of the community had attended.

There were mixed opinions about the effect a second runway would have on Crawley.

Airport worker Colin Sanders, 32, of Slinfold Walk, Ifield, said the expansion would help his future prospects.

But Derek Meakings, 65, of Pound Hill, a member of anti-Gatwick expansion group One’s Enough, said: “Gatwick’s saying it’s going to be great for Crawley but it’s not – it’s going
to be great for the airport.’

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Gatwick Consultation

Hundreds attend airport’s consultation on its runway options
Campaigners criticise Gatwick’s second runway consultations
16th April 2014 – Crawley Observer

By Berny Torre
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Campaigners opposed to a second runway at Gatwick Airport said its public consultations missed out key information about traffic management and plane noise.

Some 340 people attended the airport’s exhibition of its three options for a second runway, in Ifield Community College on Wednesday (April 9).

Derek Meakings, 65, of Pound Hill, core member of anti-Gatwick expansion group One’s Enough, said information about plane noise, flight path predictions and air pollution was missing or poorly displayed at the exhibition.

Plane noise contour charts were placed on tables at the event.

Mr Meakings said: “These [noise] charts are difficult to interpret in A3 format even if you have a magnifying glass and time to think about what you are seeing.

“These charts should have been displayed on presentation stands and had knowledgeable Gatwick Airport Limited staff to explain the contours and all aspects of noise measurements and impacts.”

Fellow campaigner Cllr Brenda Smith (Lab, Langley Green), said: “It’s showing us what they want us to see but doesn’t show the real extent of the encroachment to Crawley.

“There are no infrastructure plans here, and how they would manage traffic and the roads.

“We’re already congested and up to limits everyday and there’s nothing here about that.”

Brenda Smith

Cllr Brenda Smith (Lab, Langley Green)

A spokesman for the airport said the consultation’s focus was the presentation of the three runway options.

The airport displayed them on boards and placed supporting documents, including information about plane noise, on tables at the meeting.

Some 10 airport staff represented the airport at the event.

The spokesman said: “The exhibitions aim to provide an overview of the proposals for a second runway.

“We would urge anyone who would like to know more to review the full consultation document and contact our consultation queries team if they need any assistance.’

For the consultation document, visit website

Hundreds attend Gatwick events
AROUND 1,800 people attended Gatwick Airport’s four exhibitions of its second runway plans in and around Crawley and Horley.
Nearly 700 attended the first consultation at The Hawth on April 5. Another 340 attended in Ifield on Wednesday (April 9).
Around 360 went to the consultations in Rusper and Smallfield, near Horley.

Protesters let fly over second runway plans

More than 1,000 turn out to consultations
16th April 2014 – Crawley News

Chris Ballinger

Airport Plans

A MAJORITY of people questioned at a consultation on a second runway at Gatwick Airport strongly voiced their opposition, as anti-expansion groups petitioned outside.

Gatwick Airport Ltd held a public exhibition at Ifield Community College last Wednesday detailing its plans, if it is chosen as the Government’s preferred option for increasing airport capacity.

Visitors were provided with information on the three options for where an additional runway would be built. That included maps showing how an expanded airport would develop into parts of Crawley; how the major road network would change; wider transport schemes; the economic impact; and noise and environmental impacts.


The split in the room, which leaned heavily in opposition to the plans, was highlighted further when the Crawley News spoke to a selection of those present at random.

Of the ten people asked, seven were against the plans compared with three being in favour.

Janine Robins, director at Ifield Barn Theatre who lives in Langley Lane in Ifield, explaining why she is against the plans, said: “I feel this is the wrong place.

“The theatre is built in a conservation area and if a second runway is built it is going to be right under the path for takeoffs and planes circling over.

“How could we still hold weddings and shows with all that noise going on just above us?” Steve Mitchell, from Lavant Close in Gossops Green, was not persuaded to change his mind after visiting the exhibition and speaking to airport representatives.

He said: “I have lived in Crawley for over 20 years and I am completely against a second runway.

“There are already too many planes flying over Gossops Green at the weekends, creating too much noise.

“I have 15 a day at the moment and if a second runway means that doubles to 30, it will be disgusting and unbearable.

“Nothing will change my mind. Even if Gatwick offered me £20,000 in compensation a year I wouldn’t support it.”

One of the people most vocal in their support for Gatwick expansion was a 13-year-old deputy youth mayor for Crawley.

Hajid Hussain, from Langley Green, was representing the Crawley Young Persons Council, made up of 36 members aged 11 to 25, which is petitioning for a second runway to be built.

Hajid said: “I support option three (a wide-spaced runway which would accommodate arrivals and departures) and Gatwick also getting a new terminal.

“It will bring the most jobs which will help people my age and create an economic boost.

“There are disadvantages such as more pollution but I think there are more benefits.”

Mary Graffham, from Southgate Drive, in Southgate, believes expansion at Gatwick Airport would make travelling to long-haul destinations a lot easier.

Mrs Graffham said: “I like to travel with my husband and we often have to go to Heathrow because Gatwick doesn’t fly to as many long-haul spots.”

Among the details shared were the number of jobs which would be created. Option one would create 7,400, option two 15,200 and option three 17,500.

Major road network changes would include the M23 Junction 9 being improved with a new slip road added to nearly double its capacity.

Part of a new runway would lie over the A23 so it would have to be diverted, separating local and airport traffic.

Balcombe Road would be diverted between Radford Road and the M23 spur road.

The Lowfield Heath Road and Charlwood Road route would be lost through expansion and a short diversion of the Ifield Road would be created, close to where it crosses the River Mole.

Once visitors had finished at the public exhibition they were invited to comment in a consultation document.


A cross-party anti-second runway campaign group called One’s Enough, originally formed in 2003, has been resurrected and petitioned outside the exhibition.

John Byng, from the group, said: “We have seen off three previous attempts to expand Gatwick and we are going to see a fourth fail.”

More than 1,000 people have attended the two airport consultations in Crawley.

A total of 340 residents visited Ifield Community College last Wednesday, while 690 went to The Hawth on April 5.

Anyone living in Crawley who was unable to go to either of those public exhibitions but would like to find out more about the proposals and have their say can visit any of nine still to be held.

The nearest is at the Haven Centre, in Crawley Down, on April 25 between 4pm and 7.30pm.

Where do you stand on a new runway?
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GACC – Press Release

Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
BIg Enough – Press Release 14th April 2014

GACC BIg Enough Press Release 14-04-2014

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GACC – Fact File

Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
Fact File – 12th April 2014

GACC Fact File 12-04-2014

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Lets Face It

Volunteers shine during week of talks, tree and poppies
column by Let’s FACE it.
printed in Crawley Observer 16th April 2014

What an incredibly varied week this week!

From talking to the Crawley Horticultural Society to planting a native hedgerow, Let’s FACE It! has been incredibly busy across the town.

We had a lovely time at the Crawley Horticultural Society where Let’s FACE it! had been invited to give a talk to the Cottage Garden Society about its work and the plans for the gardens at Worth Park.

The talk appeared to go down well and lots of interest was shown in the planting schemes for the restoration of the park to its former glory.

Wildflower meadow seed sowing is in full bloom with the main event being the sowing of the Heroes Walk in the Memorial Gardens in the town centre. More than 220 people took part in the event with residents of all ages sowing a mixture of cornfield annuals and poppy seeds to mark the centenary of World War One.

After the seeds had been scattered a flag was planted in that section so that it was clear to everyone which sections had been sown and which ones still needed seeds.

We must say a big thank you again to a Band Of Brothers for the second week running for their help and support.

Each volunteer took away a small packet of Flanders poppy seeds to sow in their own garden with the compliments of Crawley Borough Council.

It began to gently rain in the afternoon and this will have hopefully given the seeds the best possible start. Germination should take about 21 days, we will be keeping a close eye on the wildflower meadows around Crawley and let you know how they are getting on.

At Worth Park some 20 volunteers, together with council staff, planted an amazing 420 native whips (small trees) in a couple of hours. We planted a wildlife-friendly mix of hawthorn, rowan, blackthorn, silver birch, hazel and oak, donated by the Woodland Trust, to create a new hedgerow at the back of the lake.

Everyone had a brilliant time on a lovely sunny spring morning and once we got into the swing of things there was an assembly line of adults and children digging holes, planting trees, putting supporting canes in and wrapping protective sleeves around the young trees.


Volunteers at Worth Park

Wildflower meadow sown
ONE of the neighbourhood wildflower meadows was sown on Saturday, this time in Broadfield.
The council had cut turf in an area in Broadfield Park earlier in the week and 12 volunteers from the Friends of Broadfield Park and Talk Broadfield forked this over, raked the soil and scattered the seeds. The turf that had been cut did not go to waste either; the volunteers used it!

Gatwick Second Runway Consultation

What You Should Know

GAA Leaflet

Despite Gatwick Airport Limited (GAL’s) pretence of THREE options, there is really only ONE option.

  • Option 1 appears to be a cynical ploy as it will be too costly and not provide required capacity
  • Option 2 and 3 are just runway usage options depending on required capacity and will have the same disastrous consequences to our environment

At a glance what Option 2 or 3 will mean to Pound Hill …

  • Airport potentially larger than Heathrow within ¾ mile of Pound Hill North
  • Take off flight path potentially crossing Balcombe Rd near Parson’s Pig
  • Airport eastern boundary fully extended across Balcombe Rd to M23
  • A23, Balcombe Rd, Antlands Lane and Radford Rd bridge will need re-routing
  • Balcombe Rd congestion increased by NE SECTOR (Forgewood) development
  • More noise and air quality pollution leading to possible health problems
  • More road congestion caused by Airport passengers and new “off airport” service Companies
  • More congestion for Copthorne and Turners Hill Roads by inward commuters
  • Grid Locked main roads and “rat runs” leading into Crawley
  • Homes blighted by noise and road traffic
  • Increased risk of local flooding, The runway alone is equivalent in area to 100 football pitches and will be non-porous requiring run-off into the waterways
  • Millions of additional passengers on already over capacity Brighton Line
  • Mass inward migration of workers from UK and EU into Crawley
  • Properties could eventually used a “dormitories” for migrant workers
  • Increased level of daily commuters from areas with high unemployment
  • 40,000 extra houses required in the immediate Gatwick area
  • Copthorne, Old Hollow and Crawley Down likely local development locations
  • The south and western boundaries of Crawley likely to be developed
  • Many Manor Royal industrial units to be relocated elsewhere in Crawley
  • The whole of Crawley and surrounding areas will be urbanised
  • Shortages of school places, hospital beds and community services
  • Sussex, Surrey and Kent countryside endangered
  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty blighted
  • With low unemployment in Crawley, most new jobs will go to UK/EU migrant workers and not to existing Crawley Residents or their grandchildren with most economic benefits going to surrounding areas and many businesses outside of Crawley

What You Can Do:

  • Ask yourself will our children really want to live in such a polluted and urbanised environment?
  • Respond to the Consultation and reject ALL options
  • Join PH(N)RA to receive timely current information and notices
  • Join GACC to demonstrate support for their Campaign against a 2nd runway
  • Offer help to PH(N)RA, GACC or One’s Enough
  • Write/email to newspapers and local politicians.

PH(N)RA Contact Details

GACC Contact Details
phone 01293 863369

One’s Enough Contact Details