Parking permits to get rid of commuters

1st February 2012 – Crawley News
Yellow lines also possibility in problem-plagued Pound Hill
Reported by Chris Ballinger

YELLOW lines and parking permits are a step closer to being brought in to stop commuters clogging up Pound Hill streets.

Members of the East Crawley County Local Committee approved proposals to introduce a controlled parking zone (CPZ) to ten roads at a meeting on January 17.

Residents in the affected streets will be written to in the spring so their opinions can be sought.

The plan is for a time limit, restricting how long certain drivers can park there.


Shoppers would be able to stop for a limited time, while residents could pay for permits and visitors’ vouchers for longer stays.

Yellow lines are also likely to be introduced in certain areas to combat inconsiderate parking. Traffic wardens would enforce the new restrictions.

The roads are all to the south of Worth Park Avenue and West Sussex County Council has received a number of calls on the issue.

The problem is that the roads are being used by commuters travelling from Three Bridges station and parking all day.

Crawley Lane and nearby streets also become dangerously congested when parents pick up and drop off children at Pound Hifi infant and junior schools.

Bob Lanzer, a member of the committee that approved the plans, said: “I can think of some roads, Clive Way jumps to mind, where there is a lot of inconsiderate commuter parking.


“Controlled parking zones have proved to be really successful in Crawley, those existing in Three Bridges, Southgate and West Green have been very effective.”

Fellow committee member Bob Burgess added: “There is quite a serious parking issue in Pound Hill. It is a similar situation to what we have in Three Bridges on the other side of the railway line. “The problem in Pound Hill is commuters parking in residential roads all day long. This obviously reduces the availability of parking for residents.”

The initial CPZ proposals have been prepared after an initial public consultation last March. This involved letters being sent to 317 local residents in affected roads.

A total of 112 responded, with 73 in favour of some form of controlled parking zone, 34 happy with existing arrangements and five giving comments without offering a view either way.

Roads covered by the controlled parking zone

  • Worth Road
  • Worth Road access road
  • Worth Park Avenue service road
  • Crawley Lane
  • Moat Walk
  • Pearson Road
  • Saunders Close
  • Alicia Avenue
  • Clive Way
  • Hastings Road

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