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A message from Alison Addy (Gatwick Airport Limited)

I would like to update you about changes to Gatwick’s operations.

From 15th June operating hours will increase to 06:00-22:00 and North Terminal operations will resume with easyJet, Wizz Air, Ryanair, Belavia, Vueling and Blue Island flights. Whilst we have remained open throughout the COVID-19 epidemic – for repatriation flights and for the transportation of key medical supplies – we have hugely scaled back operations, including consolidating into our South Terminal.

This is a positive first step in helping our sector to recover. The recovery will be slow, and we continue to push the government to help our industry, not least through the replacement of the 14-day quarantine system with more evidence-based, country-by-country measures that allow for travel when safe to do so.

The health of our staff and passengers remains our top priority. As such, key measures at the airport will include:

  • Passengers will be required to wear a face covering throughout the airport with Gatwick staff mandated to wear face coverings in passenger-facing areas of the terminals. Face mask vending machines will also be made available at the airport;
  • Encouraging good hand hygiene with ample, well signposted hand washing facilities and numerous hand sanitising stations – including touch-free models – throughout;
  • Frequent, enhanced deep cleaning of common-use surfaces throughout the airport with dedicated teams visible to respond to any passenger concerns on cleanliness;
  • Social distancing procedures in place at check in, security, gate rooms, seating in departure halls and in restaurants, bars and shops;
  • Installation of Perspex screens throughout the terminals, including check in desks, and gate rooms.

As we ramp up operations, sustainability will continue to be a key part of our strategy. We have just published our latest Decade of Change report on how we are doing on a range of sustainability measures. The report can be found here. In 2019 we continued to deliver in all areas while increasing our focus on local economic and community initiatives, further improving our recycling rate, and collaborating with industry partners on the roadmap to decarbonise UK aviation. We have committed publicly to become a net zero airport well before 2050, and to play our part in UK aviation getting there too. As we evolve our next Decade of Change plan, we’ll seek to build on what we have already achieved.

We know the importance of a strong Gatwick to the region and to the country as a whole. That is why we are doing everything we can to get our sector moving and help fuel the economic recovery. I hope you will do all you can to help support our endeavours over the coming weeks, but also through the expected turbulent years ahead. We have been clear on what is needed from government, which includes:

  1. Make borders fair: Develop risk-based quarantine rules and Foreign Office advice on a country-by-country basis, and build ‘air bridges’ between countries
  2. Unlock capacity: Allow airlines to take over vacant slots through a resumption of ‘use it or lose it’ slot allocation rules
  3. Protect jobs: Extend the furlough scheme to April 2021, protecting thousands of jobs in airports and airlines
  4. Free up communities: Allow airports the same business rate exemptions as other businesses, freeing up local authorities from rate collection
  5. Streamline regulation: Provide a common-sense approach to regulation and fees for the Civil Aviation Authority, air traffic control, and others

We appreciate your continuing support.

Kind regards,


Alison Addy
Head of Community Engagement
phone M 0744 959 3171

Gatwick Airport – Crawley Observer

Air Quality Fears over Expansion
19th February 2020 – Crawley Observer

phone 01403 751200

Plans for the expansion of Gatwick Airport have led to increased fears of a decline in air quality.

That’s according to the campaign group Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions – CAGNE. They say that results of a survey carried out last autumn show that a decline in air quality was the top concern among people questioned.

Other concerns included increased rail and traffic congestion in the area, increase aircraft noise and more pressure on building on green spaces

The results also showed that 62 per cent of those surveyed said they did not support Gatwick bringing its current emergency runway into full-time regular use.

Other results, say CAGNE, showed that night flights are disliked, with more than 67 per cent of those questioned stating that night flights should be banned from 11.30pm till 6am.

The sixth CAGNE annual meeting is to be held on February 26 at the Copthorne Hotel, Copthorne Way, Copthorne at 7pm.

Gatwick Airport Community Trust

Gatwick Airport Community Trust GACTFunding Help For For Local Causes

Deadline For Grant Applications 16 March

Gatwick Airport Community Trust (GACT) can help your local community group to make 2020 a year to remember!

If you know of a local project that could do with some financial support, go to

Check to see if the project is eligible and if it falls within the Trust’s area of benefit, download the application form and send it to the address on the form.

Gatwick Airport Community Trust area map

Now in its 19th year, this independent charity has helped change many local lives and improved a wide range of community facilities across the area of benefit in parts of East and West Sussex, Surrey and Kent. During that time hundreds of projects in local communities around Gatwick Airport have benefitted from funds.

The Trust is keen to support schemes that benefit diverse sections of the local community and are targeted towards the development of young people, the arts, sporting facilities, environmental improvement and conservation, improvements to community facilities, volunteering, the elderly and the disabled.

Grant applications are assessed by a board of nine volunteer trustees who all bring local knowledge and expertise to the Trust ensuring that the money is used to the maximum benefit of the local community.

A map of the area of benefit can be viewed at together with a full list of towns and villages in the area.

GACC Newsletter 111

Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
Newsletter 16th January 2020

Gatwick’s Big Enough campaign update

In August 2019 GACC established the Gatwick’s Big Enough campaign to oppose the expansion plans set out in Gatwick’s master plan. GACC is leading the campaign working alongside community groups from around the airport.

To date we have:

  • Engaged with all the key stakeholders including MPs, councils, the Department for Transport, the Planning Inspectorate and the airport itself
  • Briefed MPs and councils on the likely consequences of Gatwick’s plans and on the significant gaps in the arrangements for approving or rejecting those plans
  • Presented at Gatwick’s Consultative Committee, GATCOM Commissioned legal advice on the best way to oppose Gatwick’s proposed main runway growth, which is not currently within the scope of the ongoing planning process
  • Worked with local groups to launch fund raising campaigns
  • Arranged and attended a number of awareness raising events in local communities.

A significant focus of our work to date has been to try to ensure that all Gatwick’s growth is subject to a rigorous, independent, planning process in which all parties can have a voice. Currently 60% of growth proposed by Gatwick would be from more intensive use of its main runway, which is not covered by the planning process. We believe that growth without scrutiny is unacceptable, against government policy and inconsistent with the law.

See GACC newsletter (link above) for further details.

For more information about Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
phone 01293 863369

Alternatively contact directly
phone John Byng 01293 537234
phone Peter Barclay 01293 862821

Gatwick Airport – Crawley Observer

Gatwick Airport supports community awards as headline sponsor
20th November 2019 – Crawley Observer

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Gatwick Airport is again supporting the Crawley Community Awards as headline sponsor.

Community engagement manager Melanie Wrightson explains why: More than a third of Gatwick staff call Crawley and Horley home. They help the airport to deliver a world-class passenger experience and do a fantastic job welcoming more than 46 million passengers a year as they fly out to more than 230 destinations in 74 countries.

They are fantastic ambassadors not only for Gatwick, but for Crawley and the wider region. Simply put, without the support of local people, Gatwick would not be the airport it is today.

Some people, however, go above and beyond and selflessly give up their time for the benefit of others. It is important to stop and take a moment to recognise these people as they enrich our community and peoples’ lives.

I’m lucky enough to meet many of the local volunteers and community representatives who do great work across the region, whether they are helping to raise funds or helping those who just need some additional help and support.

I find their selflessness and commitment to help other people inspirational. It is only right that our community heroes receive the recognition they deserve and Gatwick Airport is proud to be able to help by supporting the Crawley Community Awards.

We are also delighted to be working alongside others who took the initiative to honour and recognise our Community heroes, including The Crawley Observer, The Hawth and Crawley Borough Council.

I wish all the nominees the best of luck and look forward to a fantastic awards evening.

Gatwick News – Crawley Observer

Use vote to raise airport issue
6th November 2019 – Crawley Observer

Letter Page – Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions

phone 01293 845058

CAGNE calls for residents to make Gatwick expansion plans an election issue, to make those that seek your vote promise to oppose the growth of the main runway and using the emergency runway as a new second runway.

Residents are urged to challenge member of parliament candidates seeking their vote on December 12 to make a promise to stop Gatwick expansion plans as this would bring, in a relatively short time, 390,000 flights a year, compared to 285,000 now a substantial increase in noise that residents endure in Sussex, Surrey and Kent as well as nearly 1m tonnes extra of carbon a year with two runways.

Residents are already enduring the ramification of Gatwick’s growth, as are local authorities budgets in a decline of ability to keep pace with the demands that-come from a large airport operating in their vicinity. It must fall to Gatwick Airport, through policy, that if they wish any further growth they must pay for the infrastructure that is required for the current level of operations plus the demands placed upon affordable housing, healthcare and education due to inward migration of workers.

We can all see clearly that the burden Gatwick presents is not being met by the 106 contributions that it is required to pay to local authorities. Members of Parliament, and local authorities, are entrusted by residents to be their voice, so we must make it very clear during election time that we are not seeking to do deals with the owners of Gatwick, but we are looking for a halt in its growth as it is simply not sustainable.

Over the five years we have been campaigning the tone of residents concerns has changed to now encompass climate change.

This must be a major concern for us all as to allow Gatwick to use the emergency runway as a new second runway would add nearly one million tonnes of extra carbon a year as well as 74m passengers to our roads and railway line that can’t be expanded.

This is an ideal moment for us all to make the Gatwick growth plans a key election issue on the doorsteps and have your candidate agree to stop Gatwick expansion plans as they are not sustainable or wanted.

Sally Pavey
Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions

Contact details:


GACC Newsletter 110

Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
Newsletter 5nd November 2019

GACC Annual General Meeting

Simon Henley, Commissioner and Stephen Cooke, Head of Communications
Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise will speak at the GACC Annual Meeting to be held at the Stanhill Court Hotel on Friday, 15 November at 7.30 pm

Stanhill Court Hotel is located just 2 miles north west of Charlwood.

The address is Stan Hill, Charfwood, Surrey RH6 0EP Tel : phone 01293 862166
Link to hotel website directions :


There is easy car parking. Tea or coffee will be provided and a licensed bar will be open from 7.00pm.

NB: Nominations for the committee should be submitted to the GACC office a week in advance (ie: by midday Friday 8th November).

For more information about Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
phone 01293 863369

Alternatively contact directly
phone John Byng 01293 537234
phone Peter Barclay 01293 862821

Gatwick News – Crawley Observer

Gatwick Noise Management
25th September 2019 – Crawley Observer

Letter Page – Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions
phone 01293 845058

Airport reports ignore issues

Gatwick Airport’s scoping reports ignore the current issues faced by its unhappy neighbours who suffer aircraft noise day and night affecting their wellbeing and house value, says CAGNE, umbrella community and environmental group opposing Gatwick Airport’s plans to use the emergency’ runway as a second runway.

Simply put, it is more planes which mean more frequent noise and the scoping reports before local authorities currently do nothing to offer a reduction in noise for the communities of Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

In fact it offers them an increase of 90,000 extra planes on top of the 280,000 that they suffer annually today.

Gatwick seeks to manipulate the planning process to avoid the costly route of new runway application by seeking to ‘make best use of current facilities’ through a Development Consent Order that avoids public scrutiny until 2020.

Local authorities are making decisions behind closed doors now, and have been party to meetings with Gatwick Airport since April according to the scoping reports.

Elected members will be making decisions about residents’ futures and that of your children and grandchildren who will face the consequence of global warming, as aviation is one of the biggest threats our planet faces today and must be capped.

Gatwick desires to increase flight movements on the main runway and use the emergency runway for regular flights, taking them from 55 to 75 aircraft movements per hour.

That’s going from an annual aircraft movement of over 285,000 a year to 390,000 by 2032; (figures taken from the Gatwick Master Plan) Gatwick using the averaging of noise to counter concerns but people do not hear noise as an average but as a noisy frequent event.

We encourage residents to write now to their local authorities and members of parliament before October 1st, make their opinion known that they wish to Stop Gatwick Expansion plans as they are simply not sustainable and not good news for communities or the planet.”

CAGNE is holding Stop Gatwick Expansion roadshows and pop-up events throughout October and November in Sussex, Surrey and Kent and invite people to join their mailing list, come along, help distribute leaflets to neighbours, raise awareness with communities of what is proposed by Gatwick Airport.


Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions
Contact details:


Gatwick News – Crawley Observer

Campaign launched against airport plan
20th September 2019 – Crawley Observer


By Staff Reporter
phone 01403 751200

Campaigners have announced they have launched a major campaign to challenge Gatwick Airport’s Master Plan.

Under the banner Gatwick’s Big Enough community groups around Gatwick have joined forces with Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign to call Gatwick to account over its proposals.

The group said the plan proposed to create an airport as big as Heathrow is today.

An increase in aircraft movements in the next ten years to 390,000 per annum (1,050 or more per day) and passenger numbers to 70 million per annum (190,000 or more per day).

The group it would bring increased misery to thousands of people through noise, pollution and impacts on local infrastructure.

The plans would also bring a significant increase in carbon emissions caused by the additional flights, the group claimed.

The campaign has got off to an early start with challenges to Gatwick’s use of the planning permitted development processes.

The initial submission to the Planning Inspectorate for Gatwick’s Stage Two, the expansion and active use of the emergency/northern runway, has been made and our teams are now in the process of preparing challenges to these proposals.

Campaign group chairman Peter Barclay, said: “Whilst this growth plan may be within the airport’s own boundaries the negative impact on communities extends many miles from Gatwick’s borders.

“In a society where there is increasing awareness of the downside of aviation activities our members want us to ensure these developments are properly contained.”

A Gatwick Airport spokes person said: “Gatwick recognises that future growth should be both economically and environmentally sustainable and is committed to delivering any future growth plans in this way.

“We will carry out a number of detailed studies to assess the impacts and benefits of our standby runway plan on our local region and will be consulting on the plans next year.

“The airport also recognises the importance of faster global and local action from all sectors to tackle climate change, and any future growth will be delivered in line with Government policy.’

What do you think? Email crawley observer your views.

Gatwick News – Crawley Observer

Gatwick Airport starts process to bring its northern runway into routine use
6th September 2019 – Crawley Observer


By Staff Reporter
phone 01403 751200

Gatwick Airport has formally started the process to bring its existing northern runway into routine use.

The airport said it has submitted a notice to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) of its intention to prepare an application for development consent.

It said this action established the ‘Gatwick Airport Northern Runway’ project on the PINS website and is the first step in the Development Consent Order (DCO) application process.

Next month, the airport will submit a ‘scoping request to PINS, which sets out the proposed approach and key issues to be included within the process.

Following the publication of its master plan in July, Gatwick announced it would prepare a planning application known as a development consent order (DCO).

The application is to bring the airport’s existing northern runway (also known as the standby runway) into routine use for smaller, departing aircraft alongside the main runway by the mid-2020s.

Tim Norwood, Gatwick’s chief planning officer, said: “As the biggest private investments in our region for many years, the start of the process to use our existing Northern Runway is a significant milestone.

This project has the capacity to offer significant local economic benefits, new jobs and an exciting future for the region.

“As we take our plans forward, we are committed to working in partnership with our local communities, councils and partners to ensure we grow sustainably and present information in a clear and transparent way, including a more detailed stage of, public consultation on the project next year.”

The first stages in the DCO process involve Gatwick carrying out surveys and preparing detailed environmental information on the Northern Runway plans later this year.

A public consultation will be held next year, after which further updates to the plans will be incorporated.

An application for development consent will then be made to PINS, which will examine the application and provide a recommendation to the Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State will then make a decision.

A spokesman for The Campaign Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions said: “It is true that our area needs investment but not this kind.

“We need investment in our roads and amenities.

Gatwick’s proposal is simply unmanageable for our area as the Government :has made clear it is investing in Heathrow and northern infrastructure.

There are many regions of the UK that could benefit from the economic stimulus that airport expansion could bring – but neither Sussex nor Surrey are one of them.

As such this application for a development consent order must be seen as a negative for our areas and unsustainable.

“Even Gatwick’s supporters at the recent Gatwick Diamond Initiative event detailed that; ‘our employers cannot get enough staff with the right skills’.

This new runway would simply cause more congestion on the roads as workers migrate daily into Gatwick Airport, inevitably decline the air quality further with substantial increases in freight on our roads whilst all the time Gatwick ignores the impact their application will have on our planet in releasing an extra one million tonnes of carbon a year from operating two runways according to expert advisory body, Aviation Environment Federation.

What we need is sustainability and not over 20,000 extra workers descending on our area looking for schools, affordable housing, health care and amenities which local authorities are

struggling to accommodate currently if those residents that thought the aircraft noise from Gatwick couldn’t get any worse, the management are now planning to make it nearly 40 percent worse for us all.”