Crawley – The BIG Seven-0

BIG Seven-0 Festival

Celebrating the New Town’s 70th birthday
Saturday 25th November 2017

Winter Carnival Parade
1.30pm to 2.30pm
a colourful carnival parade, featuring local artists, bands and
community groups, starting from queensway to the broadway
then the historic high street before finishing in memorial gardens.

music, dance and food festival
memorial gardens 1.30pm to 5.45pm
a stage programme reflecting the diversity of crawley,
headlined by world-renowned ed sheeran tribute act jack shepherd.

lights and fireworks finale
memorial gardens 5.45pm to 6.15pm
magical lighting and a firework display in memorial gardens
bring the celebrations to an exciting end.

for further information please contact:

Cohesion Plus phone01474 369329
Same Sky phone01273 571106
Crawley Borough Council phone01293 438156

Armed Forces Champion

A message from Pav Randhawa

Dear All

Would you like to know more about the Armed Forces and become a Champion for serving personnel, veterans, their immediate families or carers who may need our services?

The Sussex Armed Forces Network is running a further session of its award winning Champions Training. It is designed for people who are interested in helping services across Sussex to become more Armed Forces, veteran, their immediate family or carer focused but who have little previous experience of the Armed Forces.

It is even more important for organisations to raise their awareness with the inclusion of the Armed Forces community in the NHS Constitution and the Health and Social Care Act.

Please see the poster below for more information.

Should you require any further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many Thanks

Pav Randhawa
Community Development Officer
Crawley Borough Council
Town Hall, The Boulevard
Crawley, RH10 1UZ
phone 01293 438441
phone 07772 899452
Work: Tuesday to Friday 9.30am – 2.30pm

River Learning Project Community

A message from Jeredyne Stanley
River Learning Project Community (LPC)

Rivers LPC works towards empowering women to take up new challenges in life. The charity supports women who are socially excluded, not able to find assistance from other organisations or need help without the involvement of formal authorities.

The Rivers Peer Support Award aims to empower women, so that they can become stronger.

This will be done as we aim to:

  • Break down barriers so women from different background will get together
  • Identify women who need further life enhancing skills to make a difference
  • Create role models in some of the diverse and isolated communities
  • Support the opportunities with training, development and growth for less experienced individuals
  • Develop professional skills in the process of volunteering
  • Offer the chance to share knowledge and experience and gain satisfaction from encouraging, supporting and guiding other women to achieve their goals

We shall achieve this by providing training and learning which will support excluded
women to develop personally.

Below is a poster for you use to support Rivers LPC in promoting this scheme as offering opportunities to the women in Crawley and surrounding areas.

Please check the website for more information.

or the Facebook page

Kind regards,
Jeredyne Stanley
Rivers LPC
Tel: phone 07539 995328

Crawley Observer – New Museum

New Museum faces another ‘rather frustrating’ delay
21st December 2016 – Crawley Observer

By Karen Dunn
phone 01403 751279

The latest delay in the development of the town’s new museum has been described as “rather frustrating” by the curator.

Members of Crawley Museum Society had hoped building work at The Tree, on the corner of London Road and The Boulevard, would be completed in September, allowing them to start fitting out their new home.

In a letter to people who had volunteered to help out once the museum was open, Helen Poole said: “Unfortunately, as so often happens in projects of this size, the timescale has slipped.

“It is now almost certain that we shan’t be on site until next spring and only then can we start installing the next phase, which focuses on the displays.”

She told the volunteers: The upshot is that we can’t start the training until much later than we had originally planned, which is rather frustrating all round.”

The museum had been housed in tiny premises in Goffs Park House, Old Horsham Road, but a move to The Tree had been planned for a number of years.

The move was made possible thanks to a £1.15 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund and €£763,000 from Crawley Borough Council. As for the work itself, the Grade II listed building is being refurbished by Crawley-based RDjW Architects, Stoneham Construction Ltd and historic buildings consultants Oxley Conservation.

They may not be able to move in just y€et, but the museum team is not wasting any time, Artefacts are being carefully wrapped and boxed and some careful planning had to be done to ensure their prize exhibit a 1903 Rex Forecar – would fit into its new home.

Helen was assigned as curator on a two-year contract. That was eight years ago and her enthusiasm has not waned.

She said: “My hope is the museum will be very much part of people’s normal thinking about Crawley, the same way that The Hawth is. Our aim is to make something Crawley will be proud of.”

The Tree has stood in the centre of Crawley for more than 700 years and has seen generations of townsfolk come and go.

It has been used as a private home, office, rent office and many other things in between. Once the work is finished and the exhibits are in pace, the museum should be open each week from Wednesday to Sunday.

If you would like to volunteer, email email

Friends of Tilgate Park Meeting

A Message from John Dale regarding the next Friends of Tilgate Park Meeting

Dear All,

The next friends of Tilgate Park meeting due to take place on Tuesday 22nd November in the Civic Hall from 6pm.


Please note this meeting is open to all residents of Crawley and beyond who are interested in being part of a friends of Tilgate Park group.

Many thanks
John Dale
Community Development Officer

phone tel (01293) 438188

Crawley Borough Council
Town Hall
The Boulevard
West Sussex
RH10 1UZ

phone tel (01293) 438000
fax fax (01293) 511803

Useful Information – Crawley Borough Council

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys


The following information – taken from Crawley Borough Council’s webpage outlines the best and quickest way to get shopping trolleys removed.

Trolleywise are a professional trolley retrieval service who have been appointed to pick up trolleys in Crawley on behalf of: Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys

To report an abandoned trolley from one of these retailers you can email email Trolleywise directly or call Free phone phone 0800 3161241 stating the location of the trolley.

You could also download the free Trolleywise App this is available for iphone or Android devices.

This app enables people to report an abandoned supermarket trolley cluttering up a street or road by taking a photo and then GPS signal will give its exact location.

Please be careful out there – photographs of abandoned trolleys should only be taken if it is safe and legal to do so.

If an abandoned trolley is not from Tesco, Asda or Sainsbury’s please report it to the store directly:

B&Q phone 01293 611651
Co-op phone 01293 552624
Homebase phone 03456 407087
Iceland phone 01633 892392
Lidl phone 0870 4441234
Marks and Spencer phone 01293 549061
Matalan phone 0845 3303330
Morrisons phone 01293 831649
Wilko phone 01293 515593

Online Reporting
Just a reminder that there are various online reporting links to help you report problems in the public realm, such as fly-tipping, litter, overgrown shrub beds, tree problems, abandoned shopping trolleys etc.

This link is useful for reporting problems: website

This is the quickest way to get a problem reported and is likely to get resolved fastest too – simply because it will end up with the correct person, ready to deal with the issue straight-away.

Crawley Borough Council
Town Hall
The Boulevard
West Sussex
RH10 1UZ

phone tel (01293) 438000
fax fax (01293) 511803

Crawley Interfaith Network

Crawley Interfaith Network
Promoting Mutual Respect and Understanding

An Evening of Sufi Poetry, Music & Dance.

Come Come Who Ever You are, Come. (RUMI)

Rejuvenate your body, mind, heart & soul

Date: Friday 25th September 2015
Time: 7.00 – 9.00pm
Venue: St Barnabas’ Church Hall, Worth Road, Pound Hill, Crawley, RH10 7DY

For further details please contact:
Iyad Daoud

email: email
Tel: phone 01293 883372
CIFN Web Site: website

CIFN: Gratefully Supported by Crawley Borough Council and Longley Trust

Armed Forces Day 27th June

Please see below details of the upcoming “Armed Forces Day” to be held on 27th June at Queens Square, Crawley.

From 11am there will be entertainment including live music from singer talent Eve Lily Ozmen and the Ronnie Scott’s Rejects, plus sets from London Swing Dance Society.

Refreshments will also be available to purchase with all proceeds going to the Royal British Legion.

For up-to-date details visit

Armed Forces Day:
Raises public awareness of the contribution made to our country by those who serve and have served in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces Gives the nation an opportunity to show support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community, from currently serving troops to service families and from veterans to cadets.

Armed Forces Day Poster

Crawley Borough Council
Town Hall
The Boulevard
West Sussex
RH10 1UZ

phone tel (01293) 438000
fax fax (01293) 511803

Crawley News – Air Pollution Threat

Council Must Tackle air pollution threat

4th March 2015 – Crawley News


By Luke Warren


Fears have been raised that Crawley residents’ health is being compromised by the poor air quality in areas of the town.

Parts of the town close to Crawley Avenue and the Hazelwick roundabout have been found to have higher levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air than the national average.

High levels of nitrogen dioxide, often caused by traffic, can cause breathing problems, particularly for anyone suffering from asthma or bronchitis.

But as yet Crawley Borough Council has not revealed how far above the national average the nitrogen dioxide levels in these areas are.

The council must declare the parts of Crawley with poor air quality as an air quality management area (AQMA) and make an action plan for tackling the problem. A proposed AQMA has been drawn up.

Before finalising its plan, the council is running a consultation and wants to hear the views of residents and businesses in and around the proposed AQMA.

It specifically wants to know if people living just outside the AQMA think it should be made bigger to include their roads.

Pound Hill resident Derek Meakings lives “within 50 yards” of the proposed area and thinks it should be widened to cover all of the main roads in the town, so the council has to work to improve air quality across Crawley.

Mr Meakings, who is retired, is concerned about the effect that pollution, caused by growing amounts of traffic in the town, will have on residents’ health.

He said: “Doctors will tell you across Crawley that it’s got a very, very high incidence of respiratory problems, because we are obviously in the Gatwick basin and have the airport and lots of traffic. There’s a high number of asthma and respiratory related problems now, because of the poor air.”

An application to build a two-storey building in Harewood Close, Three Bridges, was refused last month, partly because the site was within the AQMA.

Roads covered by the AQMA include Hazelwick Avenue and North Road, in Three Bridges; Oriel Close and St Annes Road, in Pound Hill; and Tushmore Lane and Woodfield Road, in Northgate.

In refusing the Harewood Close application, a council officer said: “The proposal would result in future occupiers being exposed to these (above average) levels (of nitrogen dioxide), to the detriment of public health.”

The council has not commented on how the health of people already living in the AQMA is being affected by such levels of nitrogen dioxide.

Peter Smith, Crawley Borough Council’s cabinet member for planning and economic development, says he has asked this question of officers.

Councillor Smith, a keen cyclist, added that the fact that the council is having to declare an AQMA is not good news for Crawley.

He said: “I think it’s very bad news for Crawley that we now have an area that has bad air quality. I have asked questions of officers because I am interested in the subject.

“The worrying thing about it is we have to define the problem, but the cause of it is the traffic and there’s nothing we can do about the traffic.

“We may be able to influence buses – things like putting converters on their engines to make them greener.

“It’s another argument for getting people out of cars and onto buses, trains and bikes.”

The Crawley News asked Crawley Borough Council how it intends to improve air quality in the AQMA, but a response had not been received as we went to press.

The deadline for comments on the AQMA consultation is March 13. For more information, including a list of affected streets, visit website or e-mail email to comment.