The Who Cares? Campaign

Who Cares


This is a campaign by the Fire and Rescue Service to address the worrying fact that two thirds of people dying in house fires in West Sussex are over 65 and living alone.

The Who Cares? campaign aims to protect the county’s most vulnerable residents through raising awareness of the life-saving potential of a Home Fire Safety Check and the availability of specialist fire detection and protection equipment for those who may need more than just a standard smoke alarm in their home.

A Home Fire Safety Check is free. It involves a pre-arranged home visit by trained fire service personnel to offer advice on how to make it safer and where appropriate to fit smoke alarms or other specialist detection or protection equipment for free.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service particularly wants to hear from those who:

• are 65 or over and live alone;
• have a disability or limited mobility;
• use a community alarm or emergency monitoring service like Careline or Lifeline; or
• have difficulty hearing a standard smoke alarm.