Annual General Meeting 2018

20th Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Twentieth Annual General Meeting of PH(N)RA will be held on Tuesday 11th September 2018, in the Main Hall, Crawley United Reformed Church, Worth Park Ave, commencing at 7.30pm

Please note the change of venue.

Due to limited parking at this location, members are advised to arrive early or consider alternative transport arrangements

Refreshments will be served before the meeting.

  1. Apologies received
  2. Chairman’s report
  3. Minutes of the 2017 AGM
  4. Matters arising
  5. Election of Officers and Committee Members
    1. Chairman
    2. Vice-Chairman
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. (and up to) 8 other committee members
  6. Treasurer’s Report
  7. Election of Auditor for the year commencing 1st August 2018
  8. Potential presentation from Crawley Police in regards to their Drug Awareness campaign (waiting for confirmation)
  9. Any Other Business

If you are a member please make every effort to attend.

We look forward to seeing you on the 11th September.

Kevan McCarthy


Please note: – the Annual General Meeting is for Members Only,
non-members will be able to join on the night and then attend the meeting.

Gatwick Airport – Crawley Observer

Reaction to Gatwick ‘Noise Footprint’ News
1st August 2018 – Crawley Observer

By Tim Harris
phone 01403 751200

Gatwick Airport has welcomed news that it’s ‘noise footprint, is shrinking, though protest group CAGNE say the report does not tell the full story.

The Civil Aviation Authority report says the number of residents experiencing an Leq of more than 52dB fell from 12,300 in 1997, to 4,800 in 2007 and 3,400 in 2017.

Leq, or equivalent continuous sound level, is a way to describe sound levels which vary over time. Government policy considers an Leq of 57dB to be the point at which aircraft noise causes significant annoyance. Most Gatwick flights are by Airbus A320, almost all of which have now been modified to be quieter on their approach to landing.

Andy sinclair, Gatwick’s Head of Airspace, said: “The reduced noise footprint is welcome and demonstrates encouraging progress but we also recognise that noise continues to be an issue for local residents and we will push on with our challenge to reduce noise further.

“Some of the work we are progressing will deliver further improvements over both the short and longer term. This includes the large scale redesign of London and Gatwick’s airspace, which has the potential to reduce noise from the airport further still.”

However, a response from Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions (CAGNE) said many of the people affected by noise are outside the 57dB ‘noise footprint’ and are still being affected.

“The problem with the CAA report is that they worked on an average of noise (16 hour daytime and eight hour night over 2017 summer),” it says. “Residents awaken at night or unable to use the garden during the day due to aircraft noise, do not hear noise in an average way, they hear noise as significant events whilst endeavouring to enjoy their desired tranquility.

“Areas of Sussex, Kent and Surrey, outside of the footprint, report they are significantly affected by aircraft noise but are not included in the footprint as they reside outside of the LOAEL (Government noise metric of Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level) and noise contours.

“It is true that planes are quieter, but the frequency by which they are flown has dramatically increased and this is having a significant impact on residents as is the lack of ‘best practice’ to how planes are flown to reduce noise by airlines.

“The CAA report details an increase of aircraft movements of 780.8 for 2017, a 1 per cent increase on 770.6 in 2016 during an average day of 16-hours, and an increase of 1 per cent from 2016 to 127.1 aircraft movements for eight hour average at night.

Gatwick detail why the noise footprint has shrunk, but CAGNE would point out the following: It took residents many years of letter writing to EasyJet and Gatwick to have the A320 retro fitted do reduce the noise.

“This acclimatising with the formation of the Gatwick Arrival Review that formed the Noise Management Board and had the retro fit as an activity to be undertaken.

“The final agreement by EasyJet, and other airlines, to retrofit to reduce noise on arrivals and departures has to be welcomed.

“Another factor that could illustrate why the population impacted by Gatwick has reduced is that Gatwick introduced concentrated flight paths on all departure routes in 2014 that has caused huge increases in noise complaints even though Gatwick has removed the complaint email address and phone line.

Prior to 2014 communities had accepted dispersed flight paths, sharing the burden of Gatwick’s 24/7 noise activities, but with the introduction of concentration on departures (PRNAV for modernisation of airspace) comes single carriageway motorways above peoples homes which are unbearable especially as Gatwick continues to push for growth.

“Noise complaints continue to grow In 24,658 for 2017 from 17,715 for 2016, significant increases from years when the aviation industry describes planes as ‘very noisy’ (4,791 in 2006).

“The Noise Management Board is made up of predominantly community groups concerned with noise outside of the noise contours, illustrating that the footprint may be seen to have shrunk in an average way, but not according to residents of Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

“This month Gatwick management were asked to meet with the Aviation Minister and local MPs due to the significant increases in Gatwick’s noise impacting those that have no reprieve from aircraft noise and those that are not recognised as being significantly affected by aircraft noise.

‘CAGNE would like to see Gatwick address the totality of noise some communities are expected to tolerate with no respite in a fair and equitable way and produce noise metrics that actually calculate what residents actually experience in the way of noise and duly offer them true compensation for loss of wellbeing.”

For the 2017 CAA report, visit: LGW 2017 Annual Contours Report.pdf

Crawley Salaam Charity Funday

A message from Kathryn Brooks
West Sussex County Council

Crawley Salaam Charity Funday

Sunday 12th August 2018
11am to 7pm

Charry Lane Playing Fields
Langley Green, Crawley, RH11 7NX

for more information and stall booking

Mobile: phone 07950 743779 | phone 07877 836735

E-mail: email

Kath Brooks | Community Officer
Community Operations
Communities and Public Protection
West Sussex County Council
County Hall North, Chart Way, Horsham, RH12 1XH
Internal: phone 25397 | External: phone 0330 222 5397 |
E-mail: email


Crawley Observer – Gatwick News

MP urges Gatwick to reduce noise
25th July 2018 – Crawley Observer


By Staff Reporter
phone 01403 751200

An MP urged Gatwick Airport to take more account of complaints about aircraft noise, at a meeting in Parliament.

Nick Herbert, MP for Arundel and the South Downs met the Aviation Minister Baroness Sugg and Gatwick’s chief executive, Stewart Wingate, along with representatives of the Civil Aviation Authority, the National Air Traffic Service, and a group of MPs whose constituents are affected by noise from Gatwick air traffic.

The MP raised concerns on behalf of local communities who had complained about aircraft noise. He called for ‘more engagement and serious attempts at noise mitigation’.

Earlier this month community noise groups wrote to Gatwick Airport’s deputy chairman and chief executive to say that they had ‘lost confidence in the ability of the Noise Management Board, as currently constituted and led, to deliver positive and timely change in the noise environment around Gatwick’.

A statement from Nick Herbert’s office said: ‘At the meeting in Parliament, MPs echoed this view, arguing that the current system of leaving Gatwick Airport to monitor noise issues w€as failing communities. The Minister agreed that more needed to be done to lessen the impact on local communities, and she pmmised a follow-up letter to MPs to outline the new actions being taken by the Government.

“She said that community groups should engage with the Government’s policy on airspace modernisation and its new Aviation Strategy, which is currently under development.

“The Government is committed to ensure sufficient airport capacity to meet future demand, but believes that’advances in technology, for example reducing the need for stacking, can reduce the amount of noise on the ground. The Government has also said that people who live near airports should have a greater say in the changes which affect them.”

Andy Sinclair, head of Airspace Strategy and Engagement, Gatwick Airport, said “We recognise that noise from aircraft has an impact on local communities and we will continue to do everything we can and listen to feedback to help improve the lives of people affected by noise.

“The CAA recently confirmed that Gatwick’s noise footprint has shrunk largely thanks to an Noise Management Board initiative to modify the A320 family of aircraft so they make less noise.

Another NMB initiative also recently changed where some aircraft start their final approach to the runway, which reduced the previous concentration of noise and dispersed them in a more fair and equitable way.

“A range of other NMB initiatives with the potential to reduce noise even further are also in progress and we look forward to discussing how these can be progressed, including with locally elected representatives and community groups, in the near future.”

CCVS – Join in Crawley

A message from Charis Easter (Crawley Community & Voluntary Service)

Dear Member,

A Special event for those aged 60 and over …

I would like to invite you to ‘Join in Crawley’ on Wednesday 8th August, 10am – 1pm at The Hawth Theatre. There will be information stalls and taster sessions such as Tai Chi, Seated Exercise and Walking Football to name a few.

  • Find out what low cost activities you can take up locally
  • Come alone or bring along someone you know
  • We’ll have information stands and taster sessions on how to keep active and involved no matter what your mobility
  • Pop along for a cup of tea and a chat
  • Challenge us to find something you enjoy doing

So pop along and join us for a cup of tea and a chat and challenge us to find something you enjoy doing!

Best wishes, Charis

Charis Easter
Membership Engagement Officer

Crawley Community & Voluntary Service
The Orchard
1-2 Gleneagles Court
Brighton Road
RH10 6AD
Charity Number: 1094699
Company Number: 4488714

Telephone: phone 01293 657000
E-mail: email

Facebook CrawleyCVS

CCVS member helpline phone 01293 657162: Available 10am – 3pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

CCVS is an independent charity supported by Crawley Borough Council and West Sussex County Council

Sussex Police – Public Information

Sussex Police Holiday Advice
23rd July 2018

While you are away on holiday, your home could be at a greater risk of being broken into

We would like to offer some tips to help you make your home more secure and to reduce this risk whilst you are away.

  • Make your home look occupied by asking a trusted relative, neighbour or friend to check your home, collect mail, water plants and to park their car on your drive etc.
  • Consider using the Royal Mail’s “Keep Safe” service – They will keep your mail for up to two months while you’re away.
  • Don’t leave curtains closed in the daytime as this shows the house is empty.
  • Use automatic timer switches to turn your lights on when it is dark.
  • Cancel regular deliveries such as newspapers and milk.
  • Avoid discussing holiday plans publically on social media or where you may be overheard by strangers.
  • Cut your lawn before you go.
  • Consider leaving important documents and valuable items with other family members, a bank or in a safe.
  • Consider leaving valuable items kept in your shed in the house.
  • Put all your tools, including ladders, away so they can’t be used to break into your house.
  • Don’t forget to lock all external doors and windows removing and hiding keys.
  • And finally lock/padlock any external gates and set the burglar alarm if you have one

If something is stolen report it to us online at website or by calling phone 101. Call phone 999 if the crime is happening now.

Facebook Crawley-Police

WSCC – Public Event

A message from West Sussex County Council

West Sussex Parent Carer Forum

First Steps to Adulthood Information Event on Wednesday 4 July 2018 6-8pm

Eat Central Café at Crawley College
Crawley Campus, College Road, Crawley RH10 1NR

Do you have a young person aged 14+ with additional needs and disabilities?

Come and join us to explore the different opportunities available when considering the next step to adulthood. You may be wondering about post 16 school support, clubs and groups and how to achieve and encourage independence. We may be able to help plug the gaps!

If you can, please encourage your young person to come with you and see for themselves what is on offer.

No need to book – drop in

Over 30 stands offering a wide range of information and advice on topics such as:

  • Supporting young people into paid employment
  • Benefits
  • Keeping Safe
  • Leisure activities
  • Discount cards
  • Specific disability organisations
  • West Sussex Local Offer

Refreshments provided and free parking at Crawley College

For info please email

West Sussex Parent Carer Forum
49 Beach Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5JG
website phone 01903 726188 email

phone phone

Crawley Observer – Heathrow News

Heathrow plan is bad news
13th June 2018 – Crawley Observer

Letter Page – Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions
phone 01293 845058

Any expansion in aviation is a bad day for the planet as aviation is the most damaging for climate change and we do not wish misery of more aircraft noise on anyone.

If Heathrow does not go ahead it does not mean Gatwick will automatically be chosen as Stansted, and other regional airport all want to expand to have a slice of the profit cake.

It would also mean that the millions spent on the Airport Commission reported was all a waste of time. People really do want some sort of decision so that they can get on with their lives that they hoped the announcement by the Airports Commission gave them, but here we are still debating the facts.

Gatwick’s Achilles heel has always, and will always,be the lack of rail and road connections with the M23 going to one lane into Croydon, and the railway not being able to expand any further than it is today, even with the changes being made at the Windmill Junction at Croydon.

If Gatwick was full it would be full all year round but it is not as the winter months are quiet. Heathrow is also offering a night ban whereas Gatwick has never and their airline fleet mix demands 24/7 flying to Europe holiday destinations.

A few local firms have not supported Gatwick seeing expansion as all their Christmas’in one, but big business has strongly supported Heathrow as it brings money into the UK and is accessible for freight transfer from the rest of the country.

Gatwick is a major exports UK sunseekers overseas offering them a shopping mall with a runway and so not necessarily benefiting local high streets or firms, in fact clogging the roads and reducing air quality locally due to the traffic it brings to our potholed roads.

Gatwick should now focus now on dealing with the noise issues it has to the east and west of the airport as communities are blighted by noise day and night with many expected to tolerate multiple routes with no respite.

Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions

CAGNE contact details:


News from Gatwick Airport Limited

A message from Alison Addy (Gatwick Airport Limited)

As we approach the busy summer season we have lots of news highlights to share. Each highlight has a link to the relevant press release for more information.

Business and Community

  • Gatwick’s new passenger app won Mobile Innovation of the Year at the National Technology awards, and also picked up Mobile App of the Year at the Real IT awards, along with Cloud Project of the Year after becoming the world’s first major airport to introduce a cloud-based Flight Information System (FIDS). website More…

  • Gatwick Airport has announced the UK’s first trial of end-to-end biometrics – where personal data collected at the airport’s self-service bag drops will be recognised by new automated self-boarding gates – simplifying and speeding up the process for passengers and reducing the risk of human error. The trial is being run in partnership with easyJet and is the first and most extensive of its kind in the UK. website More…

  • London Gatwick’s global success story continued in April with long haul connections +21.0% driving record cargo tonnage for the month, +23.2% on last year. 3.7 million passengers travelled through Gatwick in April with the airport set to further increase the global connectivity it provides for passengers with Qatar Airways starting a new route to Doha in May – opening up greater onward connectivity to Asia and Australia. website More…

  • Our partnership with the Brighton Marathon gave Gatwick a high profile at this fast growing regional event, which attracted 12,000 athletes; 180,000 spectators; and 3,000 children who were able to participate in the mini mile free of charge due to Gatwick’s support. Our involvement aligns with our strategic themes of health & wellbeing; and Gatwick as a family friendly airport; with features including an airport branded family lane for race pack pick-ups and a Gatwick arrivals zone on the beach for runners to meet their supporters.

  • Gatwick partnered with the West Kent Partnership for the Grow Kent Business Conference in Tunbridge Wells. We took the opportunity as sponsors to share examples of how Gatwick supports a thriving local economy.

Noise and Airspace

  • The next Noise Management Board is being held on 27th June where the next steps in planning for the Reduced Night Noise Trial will be agreed, along with updates on Departures work and further planning for the NMB 2019 workplan.
    The second of the NMB’s topic specific workshops for 2018 was held on 23rd May, which focussed on Departures. website NMB blog will be updated in June with any key messages emerging from the workshop discussions.

  • We have met with the CAA to discuss our options and next steps around our Route 4 Standard Instrument Departure (SID) routes. In accordance with the recent Consent Order we are reverting the Route 4 conventional SIDs to their previous position but this will not in itself result in any changes to the tracks flown by air traffic. An Airspace Change Proposal for the Route 4 RNAV (satellite navigation based) SIDs will commence in the coming months. Andy Sinclair, our Head of Airspace Strategy, provides an update on the planned next steps in his latest website Airspace blog.

Kind Regards


Alison Addy
Head of Community Engagement
phone M 0744 959 3171

EqualiTeas Crawley – Your Invitation

A message from Kathryn Brooks
West Sussex County Council

EqualiTeas Crawley – Your Invitation

What does it mean to you to have the same democratic rights as everyone else?

EqualiTeas is a free event in Crawley to celebrate 90 years since the Representation of the People Act 1928
gave all men and women over 21 years the equal right to vote

Henry Smith MP will speak about his role in parliament and what democracy means to him

Susan Brompton, Chief Executive of Crawley Community & Voluntary Service, will speak about women in science and engineering

Also talk with others about what democracy and equality means to you and enjoy some tea and biscuits while you’re there

Thursday 21 June 12.30 – 13.30
Crawley Museum
The Tree
103 High Street
RH10 1DD

Click this link to book your free place
or email email
or call phone 0330 222 5397

Kath Brooks | Community Officer
Community Operations
Communities and Public Protection
West Sussex County Council
County Hall North, Chart Way, Horsham, RH12 1XH
Internal: phone 25397 | External: phone 0330 222 5397 |
E-mail: email